It's time again to announce new names for the BACK TO FUTURE. This year two bands from Italy come to the tranquil village of Glaubitz. On the one hand the Antifascist-OI! -Heroes KLASSE KRIMINALE with a new publication and on the other hand the Psychos by EVIL DEVIL. The latter are supported by the psycho comedies KLINGONZ. It's punkier with SS-KALIERT to the point. BOSS MARTIANS from Seattle present you melodic Punk`n`Roll this year. We get the finest pop-punk from the Norwegian THE YUM YUMS!


For the two April dates in Oschatz 10.04. Betontod / Kärholz / Pipes & Pints / Botox or 16.04. Rasta Knast / The Rabble / Strike The Balance are available on our ticket sales page. Use that and you will save fees and postage.

Betontod will take place in the large hall of the E-Werk and Rasta Knast in the tranquil control room. Of course, we are adding proper technology to the local system in the hall, so that it is also an acoustic experience for you.


On April 16 is again punk rock on the menu of the Oschatzer E-Werk! A varied three-course menu is offered, which every gourmet is sure to get their money's worth! The guys from RASTA KNAST present you a German interpretation of the finest Swedish punks from ASTA KASK! Similar in finish, but much more exotic are THE RABBLE, who present you a full plate of RANCID-Punk from the other end of the world! The menu is rounded off according to the taste a'la CASUALTIES by the Greifswaldern rivet punks STRIKE THE BALANCE!


On April 10th there is already a foretaste of BACK TO FUTURE in Oschatzer E-WERK with BETONTOD. This German punk band is climbing steeply, whose new album GLAUBE LIEBE HOFFNUNG landed at number 89 on the sales charts. So far only bands like DIE TOTEN HOSEN or DIE ÄRZTE have managed to do this! No wonder that WEIRD WORLD has now taken on the booking and is sending BETONTOD on tour with KÄRBHOLZ.

The line-up is completed by the Prague folk punks PIPES AND PINTS and the German punks BoToX. You can order pre-sale tickets via TICKETMASTER or CTS / EVENTIM.

Since the bus trip to Torgau has long been remembered by everyone involved, we chartered the ROBUR again for the appointment. Departure is again in Riesa, registration again by e-mail to or contact us by phone. Note that last time we had more registrations than places, so don't wait until the last day.


A breath of fresh air is coming from the Netherlands this year! Who is surprised? GEWAPEND BETON released their first publication "Embryo Punk" back in 2003 at the pubescent age of 14! Their further musical development contributed to the fact that they mastered their instruments playfully like no other current band. Live an experience, musically in the tradition of old American bands.


The Bochum flagship punks from 2ND DISTRICT are not on the back-to-future boards for the first time. This year, however, the boys around Marc Ader will be supported by an old companion. In addition to Marc, PASCAL BRIGGS was one of the founding members of the previous band DISTRICT!

After different projects there will be a couple of shows together in 2010, the Back-To-Future is one of them!


We continue with new announcements!

MAD SIN is a "festival" to play again this year in Glaubitz at the BACK TO FUTURE. Unlimited enthusiasm on the part of the band when they found out that the party is again taking place in familiar surroundings. In the interview on our 2006 festival DVD, Frontsau Köfte, as a long-time companion, reveals his cordial attachment to the Glaubitz Open Air.

THE SKEPTICS around singer Eugen Balanskat are "newbies" for the BTF audience! Eugen certainly doesn't have the best memories of the immediate region. The older companions of the band will still reluctantly remember the Nazi attack in the Waldschlösschen Röderau.

OXO 86 put their qualities to the test last Saturday in the Torgauer Kulturhaus. What was Siggi`s birthday fake cool! The Bernauer boys played a major role in this!


... are in Torgau on January 30th. There is also the famous OXO 86 and another home game of the indestructible SPERRZONE. And the best of all, we chartered a bus and you can come with us.

It starts at 7:30 p.m. in Riesa! Stopping points by arrangement and whoever wants to get on on the way to the Kulturhaus just ask. Please send us an email:!


They are finally back on the boards! After Matzes Hand is 100% operational again, Germany's No. 1 street punk band REJECTED YOUTH will be making a comeback with us!

Surprisingly, this year's program will not continue without DIE LOKALMATADORE with a new publication - 10 years should be celebrated accordingly - come up with something!

In addition, the Rheinberg summiteers from BETONTOD will be there for the first time. With their new record they will rock your ass! Where THE OPPRESSED are, of course the Frankfurt friends also play STAGE BOTTLES!

Inquiries about the bus trip to Torgau next week are unnecessary, our ROBUR !!! is already fully booked with 20 people from Riesa. Don't miss out on celebrating with the bands and Siggi vom Metropol (he'll only turn 40 once).


And good news afterwards ... our years of efforts are finally bearing fruit. THE OPPRESSED are playing one of their few German shows at this year's BTF!

With this band we are making a clear statement about the positioning of our festival! Of course we are still working hard on a crisp line up for all fans of this event! You can find regular information here.