Dear bands and artists, please allow a short hint about how to handle with the Back To Future festival. The festival is a very important but also stressful part of our life. We never have enough slots for all the bands which wanna play and we wanna present. At the end, we have to make a hard cut each year. But it dosen't mean we don't like your band, if it dosen't work this year. Maybe it works next year or another one. We still visit a lot of shows around. Mostly the leipzig, dresden, chemnitz area. We spend a lot of time and energy for the festival (beside our regular jobs) and make the festival to a really special event. We doing much promotion as possible (also advertisments in huge magazines), all around the country to bring you a proper crowd. At the end, we thing our festival is a really special event for guests and us. So we expect the festival is the same height for you on the way truh Germany!