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20th/21st/23nd July 2023

Hol dein Ticket

News & Updates

let the cat out of the bag!

In the last few days and weeks, the inquiries have increased as to when which band will play and when day tickets will finally be available. We have the answer today and are letting the cat out of the bag!

As usual, day tickets are only available as online tickets at PUNK.DE/HULK RÄCKORZ and for the first time at < b>TIXFORGIGS. We have limited the number, buyers of festival tickets have priority for now.

Just something nice: We don't even know what's going on this year ... hey folks, we now have ticket orders from 12 different nations worldwide! We are flabbergasted about this, it doesn't get any more international than that! Enjoy the beautiful weather and get in the BTF mood.

Every year the same hiccup. Where to go on vacation?

To the water, to the mountains? Relaxation and feet up or action and work out - do what you want. The only thing that should be clear is: three days of punk rock wellness a year, which are firmly booked. Without ifs and buts, the long weekend in the riding arena and in the forest pool are punk rock holidays!

But now film off to the international trailer world premiere, for which we awarded ourselves the golden forest pool slide.


The Dresden trio Concrete Lipstick was founded during the pandemic lockdown and released their first album in 2022 - the fucking period had to be good for something. Musically, the band will offer us the best 80s Amipunk, just the right fare in the morning with the first beer in the Glaubitzer Waldbad.


Sooo, everyone pay attention! Today and tomorrow we will announce one band each for the forest pool and next week the bands will be divided up on the day with the simultaneous advance sale start of the day tickets.

There is already a documentary about the bandjacket like trousers and a contribution on RBB24. So we thought, this is exactly the band we need to make the BTF a bit better known. Requested, confirmed - the opening slot on Friday in the forest pool is perfect!

Would you like a musical description? ... loud, brutal, rousing. The songs are short, the lyrics reduced, the energy overflowing. The recipe: combine language, rhythm and sound in equal parts and enjoy it in ultra-compressed form.

Summer, sun, pre-sale

The weather is slowly becoming summery and the festival mood is gradually increasing here too. In the last few days we were also present at the first open airs on Helgoland, in Thuringia and near Leipzig (Deutzen) with BTF advertising. At this point many thanks again to our friends from Rock Am Kuhteich and Rock am Berg Merkers e.V. with Aggressive Punk Productions for the possibility of advertising. In this context, we would also like to give you an interim status in terms of pre-sales. About a month ago, half of the ticket contingent was already sold! This is a similar trend to 2019 when we sold out at the box office. But what really pleases us - the BTF is going to be damn international! Hey, we sold Tix as far away as Australia and South America for the first time! Otherwise, other tickets to the UK, Denmark, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Bavaria, Saarland, France etc. have also been issued so far. Whoa!!! The popularity of our family camp has increased again compared to the last few years, amazing!

We keep receiving inquiries regarding the sale of day tickets - as in previous years, these will go on sale online 4-6 weeks in advance. However, the advance sale of festival tickets has priority for our festival visitors. Don't take too much time with your order and give us more security with your ticket purchase. In addition to the amazing line up, we also have additional/new things planned for this year, more on that later.