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20th/21st/23nd July 2023

News & Updates


One of the most popular German punk bands becomes a repeat offender and the number 4 is particularly prominent. Because for the 4th time, 4 years apart (2011, 2015, 2019, 2023), her path leads back to the Saxon province. Just like PASCOW, our little festival has become more and more popular and attractive over the years and these are just two points that connect us.

And of course they don't dare to come to us empty-handed, they'll have their brand new album with them in 2023, which will be called "Sieben".

After the 9-euro ticket has been abolished, it will probably be "hitchhiking to Glaubitz" again next year!


The guys from Leipzig play straight punk rock full of melodies and hymn-like choirs, they don't break the 2-minute mark with any song! The Riot Grrrls get straight to the point, convey important content and will not negotiate!

KENNY KENNY OH OH will make for a nice wild party in Glaubitz.


Who doesn't know the slogan "Sometimes Antisocial - But Always Antifascist"? That one is at least just as well known as the band that wrote the song of the same name - we're talking about the Frankfurter Streetpunk legend Stage Bottles.

Even after countless line-up changes, the band around their leader Olaf remains the same musically as well as ideologically loyal. In 2023 they will celebrate their 30th stage anniversary with a new release as we were able to find out. We think these are all reasons to welcome the band back to Glaubitz To be called.


Uppsala! What a devilishly good punk rock cocktail awaits us next summer with ROTTEN MIND from the Swedish city of Uppsala?

And here the Scandinavians only use the best ingredients: 150ml 77`er Punk / 150ml Post-Punk / 100ml Dark Wave / 100ml Garage Rock.

Connoisseurs know how good it tastes and we warn those who have not yet tried it in advance - WARNING: ABSOLUTE ADDICTIVE!

Reno Divorce (US)

Social Distortion 2.0 - no way! ... that's what the quartet from Denver, Colorado doesn't like to be called, although the musical relationship to SD from better times cannot be denied.

Look forward to a good portion of melodic punk rock, prepared with the right mix of rockabilly, country & R'n'R..

We say: "Welcome to Reno Divorce in July at the riding arena in Glaubitz!"