The pre-sale is now in the hot phase. In the last few weeks tickets have also been sent to neighboring countries, even a tour group from Norway is making its way to Dessau.

Fast ticket buyers still have the option of a free, hot off the press PUNKROCK! # 9. As one is used to from the Mannheim fanzine, this issue also has entertaining reading material for the punk heart.


As we learned last year, a train ride to Dessau is also very eventful (attention: Melt visitors until they drop), but having your own seat that brings you to the campsite and back is even better.

All Berliners and people from the Berlin area should take a closer look at what WENN KÖNIGE REISEN has to offer! Booking also possible with your own ticket.


Two weeks after the BTF, on July 31st, the ingenious CHANNEL 3 will be guests at the Riesa U-Punkt. On their lightning tour through Europe, Riesa is the only WE gig in the east. The legendary Californians have been up to mischief since 1980 and are among the best California punk bands ever! Connoisseurs know what I'm talking about ...

They are accompanied by G.G. ELVIS and the T.C.P Band (California), Out On A Limb and the local heroes R.K. $. .

The VVK for the event runs through KOMBI Nünchritz, where tickets are available for an amazing 7, - €.


In the last weeks, months and years you could experience a lot of cool bands from youth again live.

THE FREEZE will spark real fireworks at BTF `09. No wonder, since the punk legend is setting foot on European soil for the first time since '93! Lots of people, like us, are looking forward to a second hole in A ... to be able to celebrate the boys at the only open air festival on mainland Europe. After the European tour we should go straight to the studio to record a new record for posterity.


On the coming weekend of Pentecost, the 2009 festival season will be a big highlight. Two friendly festivals on one weekend !!!

In HÜNXE, the RUHRPOTT*RODEO has a real blast with COCK SPARRER, TOY DOLLS, ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES and several other delicacies.

... and in their home town of TORGAU, HECHTI is celebrating a fat Oi! party at the TOTAL-OI with EVIL CONDUCT, VOLXSTURM, SMEGMA and many other bands.

By the way, tickets for the BACK TO FUTURE should ideally be ordered now via our homepage ... the nationwide PRE-SALE points are currently being supplied and will be announced next week under "TICKETS".


We can announce BARETTA LOVE from Magdeburg as another new addition, delicious `77 punk rock awaits us.

We received further positive news from Mannheim, dear Bocky, the publisher of the PUNKROCK! - Fanzine with his # 9 one hundred booklets free of charge, these will be available to ticket buyers from June 1st, 2009 ( via our website) with your admission ticket free of charge, of course while stocks last. Many thanks from our side.

The new PUNKROCK! takes you across the punk rock vegetable garden. Besides interviews with bands like TOWERBLOCKS, VADERS, NEIN NEIN NEIN, DETECTORS, KICK JONESES (I'm curious about Jürgen?) There are again cool reports and lots of columns ... also those at last year's BTF guys from CONTRA RECORDS, whom we have grown to love, introduce themselves. "


One or the other visitor to our site will have already asked what the "freaky" festival flyer from Karlsruhe is doing in the left margin of the picture. An offer for the "very last" show by KNOCHENFABRIK brought us to Karlsruhe last year! It quickly turned into a small indoor festival with cool bands and artistic framing with freaks from the scene. The event was bursting at the seams and prompted us to organize a FREAK'N'ART.

On the ears at VOL.II on 05/06/03. this year DIE KASSIERER, MAD SIN, CHEFDENKER, ROCK'N'ROLL STORMTROOPERS, SS-KALIERT, WILDE ZEITEN and many more! KLAUS N. FRICK, WOLFGANG WENDLAND and the Chancellor of Hearts, KARL NAGEL, contribute to the extra-musical part. !

An interesting mixture of reading, multimedia and exhibition with works by painters and graphic artists from the scene ensures the appropriate warm-up.

It shouldn't go unfamiliar that our chameleon DER Chaostage is daring a courageous project with KEIN HASS DA, a BAD BRAINS cover band with its own German lyrics to the music of this eternal HC / Punk legend.

You can find more information about the event at!