Damn ax, the annual punk rock wellness weekend is over and what's in it now? No terrible hangover, still money in my wallet, no abnormal sunburn, the tent is still intact, the sunglasses and the last shirt are still there. Nobody can really want that! One exposure is enough, in 2021 we will tear each other off the fence. Promised!



So, actually the stages, our marquee, the fences would have been in place, we would have mowed the campsite, got the first sunburn and more and more helpers joined the rapidly growing crew to be prepared for your arrival and, as always, with you to spend a brilliant weekend.

But this year, as is well known, everything is different. We don't need toilets, fences, or a campsite. And the worst is not when the beer is gone, but when there is nothing to be seen of a band for whom you go to this little town. No live music, none of the familiar faces nearby, the forest pool yawning empty, a depressed lifeguard.

With the understanding that an unknown situation requires unusual measures, it still hurts for so long to have personal contact with so many loved ones and it may take another year for one or the other. before we are in each other's arms again. A damn shitty situation.

Since the Back To Future is largely organized on a voluntary basis, the failure to take place doesn’t affect us as seriously as a club that cannot hold events, a tour booker who does not know when to safely let bands roam the world again, light and Sound engineer, technology or tour bus rental company. Yes, we are in a DIY context. Nevertheless, we are now falling back on an infrastructure without which the Back To Future would be a completely different event. And it is precisely these structures that are suffering the most at the moment. Please help us to give these structures a little support. Because it will be very difficult months for these people in particular.

We have decided to tackle one point and we would be incredibly happy if you would support us. We would like to specifically support our sound engineer. We are now looking back on a good 20 years together. From the small club show to the very respectable open air, we could always rely on him. These days his family continues to grow. Child number 3 is approaching.

That's why we're launching a small solo campaign with which you can support our ideas. In return for a donation, you can get sunglasses, festival DVD, T-shirt, shorts, soli-ticket or a ticket for life (thank you very much for the colleagues from Rock am Kuhteich for this great idea).


Dear BTF- community, 1st a very big SORRY!

We wanted to get in touch much earlier to give you the expected rejection. However, it was anything but easy for us to organize our thoughts. Thank you for your understanding!

This week we finally received official statements on how a major event is defined on site. The limit is 1,000 visitors and larger events are prohibited for the time being. The Back To Future will be on 16./17./18. July 2020 does not take place due to the pandemic. We are therefore postponing the event to 22/23/24. July 2021. We have now received feedback on the new date from more than half of the bands - every single one of them positive. And it gets even better: Among them were some of the more well-known bands!

What can we say now to all those who already have a pre-sale ticket for 2020? We would be happy if you keep your tickets, of course they are valid for the new date. Despite the large amount of time and energy invested, we did not have to invest any major financial resources this year, so that the Back To Future 2021 is not in jeopardy. Since you have already indicated that you are ready to support us, we are currently looking for a way to deal with it responsibly.

Our event is not only associated with a small club, a fantastic crew and a number of wonderful bands every year, but also some people who are essential for us. They take on essential tasks so that we can all celebrate so exuberantly, but with this they make a living. We are currently discussing with our colleagues from Rock Am Kuhteich, Rock am Berg Merkers e.V., Resist to Exist, how we can help together and sustainably in order to remain a team in the future. We would like to introduce you to an action on this as soon as possible.

What would be the greatest help for us in the current situation: planning security. The easiest way to achieve this is with a reassuring number of pre-sale tickets sold. If you have been hesitant to date, try the bacon! However, if you have to return your already purchased ticket, for whatever reason, please contact the relevant VVK office. All those who have ordered directly from our homepage send us an email reply to the message about your order. If you have any problems, please use our contact form.

Stay healthy and see you soon!


Hi folks, we still had a little hope until yesterday. Give us a moment to prepare a detailed statement. For now, at least a positive look into the future:

The next Back To Future/Glaubitz Open Air will be on 22nd-24th at the latest. July 2021.

Seen? The new OxFanzine came yesterday

Right at the beginning, the BTF makers Holm and Daniel and other festival organizers are asked on two pages what they do for the environment. Pretty interesting the whole thing.

Whereby you could almost ask yourself what you know about Corona. So whether the festival takes place at all. But we can't give you an answer to that at the moment.

But until that happens, read the great articles on Acne Kid Joe, PEARS, SHEER MAG or Lion's Law. And completely coronalike you can have the issue sent to you #staythefuckhome!



Due to the current standstill of (cultural) life, we are allowed a short update. Since we have not received any anxious inquiries so far, you seem to assess the situation in a similar way to us - keep calm for the time being.

Since nothing seems impossible at the moment, we are assuming a positive development in the next few weeks and months. A number of large festivals will take place before the BACK TO FUTURE and by then it should be easier to assess future developments. In the meantime, we are continuing to work on ensuring that your favorite festival can go off without a hitch this year and nobody has to follow a boring livestream. Tomorrow another batch of tickets will be sent to you. It's nice that you also keep your confidence.

In the coming weeks we will all miss some concerts (who's screaming "And where's the football?") ​​That we have been looking forward to for a long time. It will be a real effort to maintain the infrastructure for our scene. But does the loudest woe also come from those who need it most? We don't have a magic bullet and quick decisions are quick decisions. Where do you see sensible points of attack and realistic possibilities?

For what we should use the concert-free time even more intensively, to think about how we want to shape our coexistence in the future. Perhaps the mantra "Faster, Farther, Higher" should eventually pay off positively for people and the environment...


The buddies from PUNKROCKERS-RADIO then put out a radio show with the BTF line up every weekend before the festival to prepare you accordingly.

Awesome thing, that. Thank you! Let's go!


Batz! That's what it looks like people

Your very favorite punk rock festival has put together a line-up again in 2020 that not only makes our ears flicker.

We are so excited that we are giving away 4x1 weekend tickets to everyone who likes the post on Facebook , mark at least one friend in the comments and please also share them - don't forget to post publicly. We will announce the lucky winners on February 28th at 7 p.m. with great fanfare. Let's go!


Last year the catch-up concert didn't cut it, but this one did. Pisse come by for assembly work. We are not sure to what extent they are really whipped by disgust and make low music for a dishonorable audience. Especially with our audience! Anyway, let's say: comfortably tight.



Baby Shakes from New York, with their punk power pop, which has been sun-ripened for around 15 years, are a perfect match for us and our Rockaway Beach called Waldbad. These are easy, fluffy melodies that you should wear sun protection factor 50 for if you don't want to risk animal sunburn. Warm welcome!