18 Dec 23

“Yes, yes Back To Future, you always with your old German punk legends and UK/US classics, sometimes you don’t even notice what’s happening outside the box!” - Please what? Uprising, mutiny, even criticism?

Well, the shame can probably be dumped on us by the bucketful: after all, there is a punk-affinous band just a few kilometers away who are doing their own (“Dirt + Glitter”) festival (!) and are going extremely high in the charts (!!), playing in the Gewandhaus (!!!), are somehow on everyone's lips and we still haven't guided them to Glaubitz?! It's long overdue for 100 KILO HERZ to show us how their brass punk works live. Somewhere between Fine Cream Fish Fillet, Rantanplan and Mad Caddies. We are sure that 100 KILO HERZ will be a guest perhaps for the first time, but certainly not for the last!

17 Dec 23

Luckily, we on the booking team are good advocates of “we always look at the opening acts”, otherwise we would have missed out on the fantastic kicks on the last Casualties tour. Holla the forest fairy, the ladies from South Korea are tearing the place down so much that the floppy Mohawk gets up again by himself! Good mood high-speed punk somewhere between Toy Dolls and Bad Cop/Bad Cop, all in the classic UK82 exploited look? On tour in summer! Then they have to go to Glaubitz!

17 Dec 23

The only thing you always seem to think of as a Christmas present is a BTF ticket, at least that's what you could assume from the increased number of orders on our homepage in the last few days. That's an honor for us, of course, as there aren't many other alternatives.

Since we are also receiving more inquiries about shipping times, we have decided to now answer orders within 12 hours and ship paid tickets up to and including Wednesday. This means that if you transfer your order on Tuesday, your Tix will be sent by post on Wednesday and should be under the tree or whatever on time.

All important information is linked below. We'll continue to work on a colorful line up...

16 Dec 23

What started as a small skinhead band in London in 2009 has now become a multinational crowd favorite. BOOZE & GLORY have invested a lot, constantly improved and constantly climbed the ladder of success. Authentic, because without denying their Oi! roots, the band has perfected their sound and now have their own trademarks: highly melodic, powerful, anthemic. Street punk that really takes off where the Dropkick Murphys are already swaying! After their great performance at Back To Future 2016, they are finally back in Glaubitz!

15 Dec 23

We celebrated BLITZKID - dressed as Jerry Only, Glenn Danzig and Wednesday Addams - on Helloween during their triumphant return to European stages like the Gremlins after midnight. Have we actually ever had a horror punk band at Back To Future? In any case, with BLITZKID we managed to sign the cherry on the cake of the genre. MISFITS and AFI meet classic hardcore punk, and in the middle of summer the make-up is so beautiful, it's going to be epic!

14 Dec 23

Back To Future in the truest sense of the word! When we built our stage at the Glaubitzer Reitplatz for the very first time, RED LONDON was already on the flyer. Time flies, 1998 in 2024 and RED LONDON are back! Sunderland's smartest! Next to ANGELIC UPSTARTS and RED ALERT, undoubtedly the most charismatic band in the English North West! Class-conscious, political and, above all, absolutely unique thanks to the soulful voice of singer Patti Smith. Show of hands if you were already there in 1998!

13 Dec 23

In a fair world, THE VENUSSHELLS would have gone on tour with Joan Jett at some point in 2004, Fran would have graced the cover of Plastic Bomb instead of Brody Dalle and we would be admiring the troupe in amazement in front of the Dresden Old Town panorama at the sold-out Elbwiese in 2024. As a quasi-legitimate successor to Girlschool and the Donnas, the band would be number 1 in the Coretex charts for weeks with every new record. There would still be something like music television, where Yvonne hosted the Headbangers Ball. Sammy would sing strange duets with Franzi instead of with Doro Pesch... But unfortunately we don't live in a fair world. THE VENUSSHELLS are still something of an insider tip, with concerts that take place far too rarely.

So make the world a little better for a moment and celebrate the 3 as frenetically as they deserve for a long time!

12 Dec 23
8°6 CREW (FRA)

After a short break, the Back To Future announcement marathon continues this week! With “Working Class Reggae” - at least that's how the 8°6 crew from Paris describe themselves. Relaxed, relaxed and above all danceable reggae with a good dose of ska, maybe that's exactly the right sound to mix between all the rowdy brothers that have been announced so far and sisters to slow down a gear. In any case, we are looking forward to one of the otherwise very rare shows from the French bootboys!

30 Nov 23

Dresden's answer to THE BRIEFS, THE KIDS, THE SHOCKS and generally to everything that fidgets, wears ill-fitting jackets and sunglasses: THE PISSED ONES! How many times have we heard the stupid phrase “fist on the eye” during the few band announcements? Is it still bearable or is it already annoying? Well, you know what we want to say - Pogo you fuckers, the PISSED ONES are here!

29 Nov 23

Rough, jagged garage punk with a heavy NDW influence. A bit like HANS-A-PLAST and IDEAL crashing at a party with the SHOCKS. The upper lip pulled up, the middle finger stretched out but still with a huge amount of good mood. Songs about New York and Chemnitz, political, sarcastic, fidgety and catchy. The Schmelztiegel Berlin has brought the four musicians together, we are really looking forward to THE INSERTS' first appearance in Glaubitz!