Where do you go with the 9 euro ticket from 21 to 24 July?

That's right, to Glaubitz to the Back To Future, that's clear! Getting there is not only damn cheap, but also quite environmentally friendly. Apart from that, how awesome does it look when Thursdays and Fridays masses of punks, skins and other subcultural people in Glaubitz tumble out of the train station and make the short punk rock pilgrimage to the campsite!? This will be fantastico!


The last festival editions always had a bit of a bottleneck when it came to merch. We now simply prevent these problems. Because, like you can pre-order the record with bands, it is now possible to order our merch in advance and not stress yourself. Simply choose the appropriate shirt or hoodie, order the size and then pick it up at the Plastic Bomb Fanzine stand on one of the three days.

Important, important, popichtig: You can order until July 14th.

Hier der Link zu den schicken Sachen: »VORBESTELLEN

From our point of view, the last two years have been hell and definitely worthy of a nightmare!

But now let's relax, because in three weeks there will be three days of grandiose punk rock wellness in Glaubitz!

And to make it the best, share and comment on the trailer and let everyone know that after a two-year break, our riding arena will once again be the place to be for all punx, skins and subcultural people in mid-July.


Päff, our secret headliners are ANTI-FLAG, who are celebrating their triple at Back To Future. We're really happy about that, because the Pittburgh political punks don't just make rousing songs, they're more relevant and needed than ever.



Our Umann was a guest at THE CHEESE-CAKE on Radio-Corax - and if you weren't there, you can listen to it here!!



After the trailer is in constant rotation and we are looking forward to three days of great hooray, we quickly updated our Spotify playlist. However, we do not orientate ourselves here on the individual days, but of course hear them mixed up. After all, it's a punk rock sampler!


This is our schedule for the days this year!

As you can see, we get off to a great start and then it doesn't stop until Sunday morning just as brilliantly. It is questionable when one should go to a counter, the food stalls or into the tent. A decision that unfortunately we can't make for you, because we don't know it ourselves! There's still something by GEHEIMER HEADLINER from USA, stay tuned - information will follow in the next 2-3 weeks.

Unfortunately we also had to accept the cancellation of THE OPPRESSED. We hope, however, that we can catch up with their show next year.

For those who cannot attend all of the days of the event or just one, day tickets for Friday and Saturday are now available in advance. Day tickets for Thursday are only available at the box office.


Shortly before the bands close, we get the cute NOT THE ONES from Berlin on stage. The trio plays sugar-sweet and extremely fine as well as power-pop and simple '77 punk rock. Anyone who doesn't twitch is past rigor mortis and starts to stink!

At this point, a tear in the buttonhole for the brilliant NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS, which unfortunately doesn't can come. The background is mainly internet trolling/doxxing towards the bass player. Stupid shit that!


Forest bath- "Summer Sun"

Hm, when we reported on the forest pool in the previous post, the song "Summer Sun" by the BABY SHAKES immediately came to mind. We'll urge them to play it with us too. Because what their Coney Island is, the forest bath is to us. Well, something like that at least.


work assignment

Last weekend we got the first work assignment for you and us this year behind us. That was quite a torture, we can report. Because we also take care of all the areas that you don't really notice because there's something lying around during the three great days. Without these superstructures, the site is really quite large. But what the heck, we know what we're doing it for and afterwards the grill was thrown on. It didn't take long and the day came to a fine end.

Oh, in between we also took a longing look at the forest pool. As you can see, they're just waiting for the punks and skins to come back!