23 Feb
Off to the weekend with the current clip from 100 KILO HERZ (GER)!

In the summer, the hats and anoraks are swapped for bucket hats and sunglasses: the band from Leipzig's new video has been out for a week, and the current EP called - of course - "Herz" has been released! This is still available at CoreTex Berlin, among others - and once you're there, you can add one, two or five BACK TO FUTURE tickets to your shopping cart. Have fun with “Fluss Abwärts”!


18 Feb

It's not due to poorer visual behavior on your part, KNOCHENFABRIK really isn't on the flyer anymore. And that even though we had already fully announced Claus & Co.

"Was ist bloß passiert?" Well, unfortunately a scheduling conflict prevents the band from appearing at BACK TO FUTURE, but we are already in very positive discussions for next year's edition. We say SORRY with a heavy heart and hope that this downer remains the only one in terms of band cancellations.

18 Feb
BACK TO FUTURE 2024, The Final Flyer

Glaubitz is calling - with fantastic bands, a relaxed festival atmosphere and our proven credo “Punk Rock Wellness”! If you want, you can dent your helmet at lunchtime in the Waldbad, just a stone's throw away, because the first bands of the day are there! Then we get down to business on the main stage and tent stage until late into the night: because punk is simply the hottest thing! We hope we've met your taste when it comes to booking and from now on the following applies: help us spread the flyer as widely as possible. Back To Future 2024, how cool will that be?


16 Feb
What the hell?

BLITZKID seem to be just as excited about the BACK TO FUTURE as we are! As a reward, the West Virginia horror punks will probably go to the haunted tent at night!

Wonderful alternative poster design, maybe we'll just praise a few extra beer brands for original special festival flyers? Anyone up for it, anyone?

13 Feb
Last weekend in Leipzig

The first Back To Future organizational crew meeting in 2024 with 20 people. The motivation level is high, there are some new ideas, the coffee machine was busy and of course we were all just happy to see each other again. We're done booking for this year, unless the Ramones rise again or we really come across an unbeatable treat. Critical voices about last year's Back To Future edition were heard, suggestions for improvement were discussed and we will try to implement some things within the framework of (especially) financial feasibility. Otherwise, the festival should remain as relaxed as before for everyone involved. That's water level report number 1, more will follow in the coming weeks. We're excited, ONLY 163 DAYS LEFT UNTIL THE FIRST VOLUME!

A big thank you goes out to CONNE ISLAND and their crew for two days of delicious catering and use of the cafe.