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21st/22nd/23rd July 2022

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News & Updates

Family camp at the BTF / discount for minors

There have never been so many requests for our idyllic family camp as in the last few weeks and months. So far we had to put off all interested parties until the official decision was made at a later date. However, since we are now assuming that the corona protection regulations will not become stricter in summer, we hereby say:

Yes, there will be a family campsite again this year.

After all, the offspring must be further encouraged and, so to speak, experience early musical education from mother's milk, which also deserves the title! The previous years have shown that this is a great thing, parents and their kids are in good hands with us. The tent and RV sites for the camp will be in a separate limited area, for which you have to register in advance. For registration, other open questions and the process on site »REPORT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

In the same breath, we would like to introduce you to the reduction scheme for minors: Children up to the age of 13 have free admission to us. Children between the ages of 14 and 15 receive a 50% discount! However, these tickets can only be purchased at the box office. Please bring proof with you - birth certificate, pioneer ID card, etc.! From the age of 16 they are then full-paying. Under 18 and not with their parents at the BTF Festival? Then please fill out »THIS FORM OF THE EDUCATIONAL AUTHORIZATION and hand it in at the ticket office.


There's a really great BTF crew and family event on Saturday. Because there's the release party for the Outdate album "in ruins". A fantastic punk rock combo with crew participation. The whole thing will take place at L86 in Finsterwalde, organized by BTF family member ANGRY VOICE Records. By the way, their distro is always directly to the left of the entrance to the festival, should you want to pay the troop a visit. The record was released together with Riot Bike Records. May be they also come with a stand. Anyway, it's now about the release show on Saturday. Anyone who is in the vicinity or would like to travel is warmly welcomed and will be treated to a very special evening. Otherwise we have to wait until Outdate makes the ground tremble with us. By the way, the anticipation of the BTF in the band is enormous, we let ourselves be told.


Easter is such a wonderful festival. Religion sucks, the days off are fantastic!

We're dying couchsurfing and reading the new OxFanzine, which again has enough for a long weekend. In addition to the interesting interviews with Monchi from Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Hot Water Music, Zander Schloss or Siberian Meat Grinder, there are countless extras like Klaus N. Fricks follow-up novel about Peter Pank or the already fourth part of the punk historical consideration, which makes the thick and small print rag really worth reading every two months.

Oh, and look, even Daniel slipped in there together with RUHRPOTT RODEO-Alex and Steffen from the Mission Ready Festival.


The flyers and posters for the Back To Future Festival 2022 are not only here, they are already on the way! The dear THE MELMACS took some to Austria to our good buddy and helping hand Badi, where they played a concert with the brilliant NASTY RUMOURS, or from the front of the clubhouse Saalfeld.

You can see the other pictures on INSTA and FACEBOOK, they are from the Spermbirds gig in Leipzig - it's actually unbelievable that they haven't been with us yet! You can see LOUSY singer Fabian and our Daniel with a regular guest whose name we won't reveal. In any case, we would be happy if there were other BTF friends who would support us with flyers and posters. If so, please write to us briefly here.


The tingling in the stomach still feels like before the first french kiss as a teenager when we look at this line up. Although at the same time we know that three days of Back To Future cannot be described as adult if we think further in this category. In any case, after a two-year break, this will be a weekend of total exertion that we look back on and wonder what is possible.

You can see that we are incredibly looking forward to the festival with its bands, you and this unique atmosphere.