06 Apr

Did you get through the short week well? Has everyone put out their summer dresses and trained their beer garden arm? Yes? Only 3 full months and a few crushed days until we put the stage on the field - Let's start the weekend with a few questions for Laura from the Leipzig new discovery THE RUNNINGS!

1) Laura, That happened quickly: the very first concert ever took place in January and now in no time at all on the “big festival stages of the world”! Is our "outdoor pool stage" put together what you imagined it to be? I was actually pretty excited when the inquiry about whether we wanted to play at the BTF this year suddenly came in in January: that was it absolutely not to be expected! And hello?! The outdoor pool stage is legendary! So go there!

2) Keyword: outdoor pool. How do you save the performance if the very unlikely event occurs and it rains during your performance?Totally freak out, cancel the show, sue the BTF and go home. Haha just kidding. I spontaneously think of this hit from the wild 70s: "Barefoot in the rain we dance as a couple and we dance and dance and dance."

3) Oh come on, it's not happening anyway! Of course the weather will be bomb! What makes a festival visit perfect from your point of view? A relaxed, good mood and respectful togetherness in front of and behind the stage. And yes, of course, good weather without rain and not too hot would also be perfect .

4) Our obligatory final question: Which bands are you most looking forward to when you look at the finished festival flyer? Huiii, actually each of us is different These include Bad Nerves, Chubby and the Gang, Berlin Blackouts, The Pissed Ones, Turbostaat, The Briefs and many more!


30 Mar

Easter, nice weather and we are switching to summer time. The countdown is running! Perfect time to annoy Sunnyboy Kevin from TURBO A.C.'s with our little question/answer game! Have fun with it!

1) Hi Kevin! Surprise! We have a reason to celebrate, the TURBO A.C.'s and we have 20 years! You played with us for the first time exactly 20 years ago! Let’s Go party planning: We’ll bring the shots and the cake, what do you put on the table? PIZZA! Haha, maybe some of you know that I emigrated to Puerto Rico some time ago to open a small NY style pizza shop called “Revolution” on the beach. People also like to call me the “Iron Chef” because I can conjure up the perfect “after-party” menu using all sorts of ingredients. We even turned it into the “Punk Rock Kitchen On Tour” show. But maybe there are also cucumbers and vodka... but that's a completely different story...

2) As a Puerto Rican by choice, you are used to the heat. Our festival usually takes place in the hottest weeks of the year for us Central Europeans. So we need some tips from the pros! Never too hot for me, I love it. Always remember: “Stay Hydrated”. There are electrolytes in beer, aren't there?

3) "Being Cool Is A Fulltime Job" - I confess, the TURBO A.C.'s were and are a prototype of the "cool" ones for me Punk rock band”. And I have a theory: There aren't many people who look cool in shorts (except maybe Lemmy). Am I right? Have we ever seen Kevin Cole in shorts? Levi’s & a t-shirt – That’s just my style. But to your question: I think everyone has seen me strutting around in my underwear at some point.

4) Are there any bands that you are particularly excited about when you look at the festival flyer and that you Maybe you'll even watch it? We're really looking forward to THE BRIEFS and THE VENUSSHELLS. Great bands and good friends we've known for ages, this will be a fun reunion! show less


22 Mar

Band number 4 in the short Back To Future cross-examination are the sweet tooths BERLIN BLACKOUTS, Katja confidently shot the answers out of the gun:

1) You have to admit a "BERLIN BLACKOUT", that sounds like it a nasty cocktail full of liquor. You're its bartender: what comes in? What is actually the best summer drink? The Berlin Blackout is a simple highball; effective, lively, a classic. Composed of: Beer lovers, people who don't want to miss the summer and therefore enjoy it sober. Et voilà: Jever Fun with shots, without ice. The best summer drink.

2) Horror scenario: One of the bands in the line-up is canceled at short notice: Which songs from which band(s) could you listen to the quickest? Definitely sick of vomiting! Our drummer loves this band and has a knack for their songs.

3) BERLIN BLACKOUTS: Team "watch bands" or "team chill in the outdoor pool"? Team watch bands, are too lazy to chill.

4) Worst shaking rhyme on "Glaubitz"? A shaking rhyme as dirty as punk rock and the worst one I can think of right now. Anyone who can shake a rhyme for “Glaubitz” will shake the appearance that he is blue.


15 Mar

What a week for BOOZE & GLORY! First they play sold out concerts in Berlin, Essen, Hamburg and probably also today in Magdeburg and tomorrow in Chemnitz, yesterday WEST HAM UNITED moved furiously into the next round of the European Cup and as an absolute highlight the band will also have a BACK TO FUTURE- Poster caught! Nice! We wish you all and of course the band a successful weekend - it starts in 132 days!


13 Mar

After renewed consultation, we have decided to withdraw this year's restrictions regarding your kids' festival attendance. We definitely don't want to question your abilities as a parent. You are the best judge of what is good for your little loved ones. However, we would like to remind you again that as parents you have the right to bring your children with you, but also the duty of supervision and care. We would like to apologize for this paternalism, our concern was solely with the kids. That specifically means:

  • The age limit of 4 years has been lifted again, you can bring your kids of any age with you
  • The time limit of 8:00 p.m. for the festival site will also be cancelled. Your minis can stay as long as you think is right.