14 May

"The people are all really nice. They don't look like it... but they're really nice inside!" Have we already found the intro for a potential 2024 aftermovie? “Our village has a weekend” - an MDR program - recently portrayed Glaubitz. At around min. 18 the Back To Future is also introduced, "Mom, I'm on TV!" - »JUST LOOK IN!

29 Apr

“You have shit on your feet, you have shit on your feet!” - Such a Larifari introduction to a serious matter: In the last few days we've received two band cancellations that, as far as we can tell, don't sound good at all. Unfortunately, both THE GENERATORS and THE FREEZE have to cancel their planned summer tours for health reasons. There's even been a for Cliff Hanger by The Freeze »GoFundMe Fundraising campaign set up. From our side All the best and hopefully a speedy recovery!

At the same time, the request from GUM BLEED from China fluttered onto our desk, and - here we go - Punx Save The Human Race! Old school Nietenkaiser punk from the so-called Middle Kingdom, a perfect Tinder match between our regular audience and the band! So: GENERATORS & FREEZE are unfortunately out (shit), GUM BLEED are new (cool!)!


24 Apr

Auf THE MEFFS freuen wir uns ganz besonders! Die machen gerade richtig Furore und sind aktuell mit BUSTER SHUFFLE unterwegs. Im Sommer geht es dann auf wesentlich grössere Bühnen. Kurz vor Tourstart haben wir Sängerin Lily für unseren kleinen Fragenblock erwischt:

1) Eure Tour- und Festivalplanung sieht absolut krank aus: Ihr spielt auf den NOFX-Abschiedsshows, seid auf dem REBELLION in Blackpool, im Vorprogramm bei ALICE COOPER und als Kirsche auf der Torte auf unserem BACK TO FUTURE! Was soll denn danach noch kommen? Die Rentenpläne sind geschmiedet: Villa in Spanien und dort natürlich jeden Tag volles Brett englisches Frühstück! Im Ernst: Wir sind so gespannt auf die ganzen Sachen die du aufgezählt hast. Es war ein harter Weg und eine Menge Spass um hierhin zu kommen. Schon 2023 so etwas wie das DOWNLOAD Festival zu spielen war komplett irre - und jetzt gehts plötzlich Schritt für Schritt so weiter! Leben auf Tour!

2) Apropos Tour: Was ist der wichtigste Punkt auf eurem Rider und womit kann man euch unterwegs eine Freude machen? Supermodels und Zuckerwatte!

3) Wenn ihr einen Blick auf den aktuellen Festivalflyer werft, gibts da paar Bands auf die ihr euch freut? Ich habe noch nie THE SELECTER gesehen, die sind ganz oben auf meiner Liste. BOOZE & GLORY! "THIS IS NOT A FASHION IT'S A WAY OF LIFE". CHUBBY AND THE GANG (The Chisel are great) und BAD NERVES (die kommen aus unserer Gegend). Das Line Up ist Spitze!


17 Apr

Horrorpunk time on the Back To Future! Horror, fake blood, skulls: No current band - apart from the gods of the genre MISFITS and THE DAMNED - manages the balancing act of mummery and pure punk rock as well as BLITZKID from West Virginia. A word with singer and bassist Argyle Goolsby:

1) It finally works with BLITZKID at Back To Future! We are happy! And you? Is there actually a band from the rest of the line up that you are looking forward to? We are very pleased that you have brought us out of the crypt for your party! We're excited to see a few bands and will definitely check out as many as we can - if there's enough time left for our make-up! #horrorpunkproblems

2) Argyle, let me ask you a little pointed question: What is the most accurate and which is the least applicable “horror” cliché to you? Hm... What's this... I own more coffins than furniture. I have a black cat. And, oh! – I'm the vice president of a really great horror wax museum called Witch's Dungeon. What doesn't apply at all? I like dub reggae and Motown. Also, I don't have a single Misfits tattoo. Not one!

3) We will of course make every effort to give you a slot long after the sun has set. But what if not? How do you conjure up a perfect horror punk show on stage when the sun is shining and it's daylight? SPF 666! Watch your necks, Back to Future. We are hungry!


06 Apr

Did you get through the short week well? Has everyone put out their summer dresses and trained their beer garden arm? Yes? Only 3 full months and a few crushed days until we put the stage on the field - Let's start the weekend with a few questions for Laura from the Leipzig new discovery THE RUNNINGS!

1) Laura, That happened quickly: the very first concert ever took place in January and now in no time at all on the “big festival stages of the world”! Is our "outdoor pool stage" put together what you imagined it to be? I was actually pretty excited when the inquiry about whether we wanted to play at the BTF this year suddenly came in in January: that was it absolutely not to be expected! And hello?! The outdoor pool stage is legendary! So go there!

2) Keyword: outdoor pool. How do you save the performance if the very unlikely event occurs and it rains during your performance?Totally freak out, cancel the show, sue the BTF and go home. Haha just kidding. I spontaneously think of this hit from the wild 70s: "Barefoot in the rain we dance as a couple and we dance and dance and dance."

3) Oh come on, it's not happening anyway! Of course the weather will be bomb! What makes a festival visit perfect from your point of view? A relaxed, good mood and respectful togetherness in front of and behind the stage. And yes, of course, good weather without rain and not too hot would also be perfect .

4) Our obligatory final question: Which bands are you most looking forward to when you look at the finished festival flyer? Huiii, actually each of us is different These include Bad Nerves, Chubby and the Gang, Berlin Blackouts, The Pissed Ones, Turbostaat, The Briefs and many more!