Unfortunately we have no influence on the weather gods!

Sure some of you will be disappointed now, but rain, hail and storm warnings are canceled this year. In return, according to the forecast, there is sun at optimal drinking temperatures of 21 - 25 °C, fun and beer!


The BACK TO FUTURE is also a springboard for a future modeling career. Cris, the maker of the annual "Fucked Up Loves You" erotic calendar, gives you the chance of one of the twelve coveted places in the 2010 calendar at BACK TO FUTURE. So wear something nice and nothing stands in the way of your career take care of professional photographers. If you are interested, contact Cris at ABGEFUCKT or by MAIL in advance, provided that you have already completed the "Advanced High School" and are therefore over 18 years old.


Our running order is in place and you can admire it online. Under line up!

In terms of advance sales, we have to slowly announce the final spurt. Just shimmy to our online shop. It doesn't get any cheaper. Order, then pay and you will get a ticket to print out yourself. No postage, no advance booking fee and day tickets are also available!


The dance has come to an end. The running order will be uploaded in the next few days.

Also included are R.K.$. from Riesa, who will really heat you up with their snotty punk rock.


2 EURO - The beer price remains stable!

The pre-sale overkill. The new technology makes it possible. This year, day tickets (Thu / Fri / Sat) will also be available in advance via our new ticket shop. The very best is yet to come. Regardless of whether it is a festival or day ticket, there are no postage or processing fees! But be careful: We close on July 13th. the gates of our VVK portal.

You will of course receive the PUNKROCK! -Zine on site when you redeem your pre-sale ticket.


The pre-sale is now in the hot phase. In the last few weeks tickets have also been sent to neighboring countries, even a tour group from Norway is making its way to Dessau.

Fast ticket buyers still have the option of a free, hot off the press PUNKROCK! # 9. As one is used to from the Mannheim fanzine, this issue also has entertaining reading material for the punk heart.


As we learned last year, a train ride to Dessau is also very eventful (attention: Melt visitors until they drop), but having your own seat that brings you to the campsite and back is even better.

All Berliners and people from the Berlin area should take a closer look at what WENN KÖNIGE REISEN has to offer! Booking also possible with your own ticket.


Two weeks after the BTF, on July 31st, the ingenious CHANNEL 3 will be guests at the Riesa U-Punkt. On their lightning tour through Europe, Riesa is the only WE gig in the east. The legendary Californians have been up to mischief since 1980 and are among the best California punk bands ever! Connoisseurs know what I'm talking about ...

They are accompanied by G.G. ELVIS and the T.C.P Band (California), Out On A Limb and the local heroes R.K. $. .

The VVK for the event runs through KOMBI Nünchritz, where tickets are available for an amazing 7, - €.


In the last weeks, months and years you could experience a lot of cool bands from youth again live.

THE FREEZE will spark real fireworks at BTF `09. No wonder, since the punk legend is setting foot on European soil for the first time since '93! Lots of people, like us, are looking forward to a second hole in A ... to be able to celebrate the boys at the only open air festival on mainland Europe. After the European tour we should go straight to the studio to record a new record for posterity.


On the coming weekend of Pentecost, the 2009 festival season will be a big highlight. Two friendly festivals on one weekend !!!

In HÜNXE, the RUHRPOTT*RODEO has a real blast with COCK SPARRER, TOY DOLLS, ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES and several other delicacies.

... and in their home town of TORGAU, HECHTI is celebrating a fat Oi! party at the TOTAL-OI with EVIL CONDUCT, VOLXSTURM, SMEGMA and many other bands.

By the way, tickets for the BACK TO FUTURE should ideally be ordered now via our homepage ... the nationwide PRE-SALE points are currently being supplied and will be announced next week under "TICKETS".