At short notice, BRAT PACK have been added for tomorrow! The Dutch come from the environment of Antidote, Gewapend Beton, Citizens Patrol, ... and will do the opener ON TIME at 8 p.m.!

Admission again at 7 p.m.!


The last cigarette butts have been picked up and we are finally sleeping in beds at home again! What should you write as a conclusion?

We are proud of our voluntary helpers and once again admire their commitment right up to the last minute. Without YOU this smooth process would have been inconceivable.

Thanks to all visitors who were not impressed by the state-imposed severe weather warnings and thus became part of a cool party. It is noteworthy that the majority of the visitors came from a great distance, respect!

Photos will be on the site shortly, just look at them again.


A call to the nearer region, let you know on July 31st. don't miss the ingenious CHANNEL3 . A legendary Californian punk band, for the first time in Germany and this is the only, so to speak exclusive, Eastern show! Definitely a must for fans of ADOLESCENTS, D.I., (early) SOCIAL DISTORTION, AGENT ORANGE, (early) T.S.O.L., CIRCLE JERKS etc.! > (more info & sound samples)

Presale tickets (€ 7!) Are available by bank transfer until July 28th. Via or until July 30th. in the KOMBI Nänchritz, afterwards € 10 at the box office. The line up is completed by the party helpers G.G. ELVIS (California), OUT ON A LIMB, R.K. $. and REVOLTING RIVAL .

... and it can also rain, the event is INDOOR!


With a lot of sweat and sunburn throughout - everything is ready.

Admission will be from 7 p.m. today!


Last year at Melt, this year at BACK-TO-FUTURE! Roger Baptist alias RUMMELSNUFF, known from radio and television, is an annual visitor to our festival and, after projects such as Friends of Italian Opera, is considered a veteran of GDR punk!

Upon request, we have invited RUMMELSNUFF at short notice - rough electricity music and electro-punk street hits!


No respite, radio is being made! The Back To Future was a guest at POGORADIO, 27FM (today from 6 p.m.) and KUNTIs OssiPunk-Geleier (today from 8 p.m.) - check it out!

In a good mood and full of anticipation, the crew arrived at the festival site yesterday. In the next few days the final preparations for the Back-To-Future 2009 will be made and here you can get a visual foretaste!


If you still want to secure a ticket via our ticket shop without advance booking fees and shipping costs, you should stick to it. The option of bank transfer in advance is only available today. In order to be able to check the receipt of money by Thursday, the amount must then still be transferred today. Payments by credit card or PayPal are possible up to and including Wednesday. Otherwise you still have the alternative of PRE-SALE-STORES.


The weather forecasts for the coming weekend are promising, but should a shower catch us, a slot can be relocated in the hangar. Incidentally, our technicians there made enormous efforts to ensure that the hall sound would also be flawless.


Minimal change in the program. This time it is not the fault of the weather, but of the Stuttgart Daimler - bad capitalists! The TONY MONTANAS planned for the Saturday opening slot have been given an additional night shift at short notice and it is foreseeable that they will not be able to arrive on time. Fortunately, KITTY IN A CASKET have agreed to take on this position, thus relieving all parties involved of a heavy burden of debt.

From us and the Montanas, a sincere "thank you" goes to Austria and to the loving call to you to be on the mat on time so that you don't miss the delicacies and you can give KITTY IN A CASKET a fitting reception.


Since the `92 performance in the sold out Stuttgart tube, I have taken PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES into my heart, so it was all the more surprising then Peter`s application by email! Yes, he finally wants to play on the BTF and because he has his 4X at the time. Celebrating his birthday, of course we did him a favor. So come up with a surprise for him!

The only problem was getting the band on the mainland, they are not just "Banned From The Pubs" as we learned in an email - " We are banned from some airlines! " ... but somehow we made it and we're all the more happy about it.