Unfortunately, the Dresden band had to cancel their BTF show last year at short notice. Annoying, since many people from the crew were already looking forward to it. We had no choice but to award the opener slot for the BTF 2023 to "Schlotze" on the BTF weekend. The fact that the announcement is only now coming is of course due to the fact that the best always comes a little last to keep the excitement high.

Musically, the regional cult band is on the trail of SCHLEIM-KEIM. With delicious Schrammelpunk songs called "König der Gosse", "Schuss ins Ei", "Computerpunks", "Ami" etc., the lyrics are in no way inferior to the role model. It will be a worthy opener on Thursday July 20th!



The frontwoman Wick of the Dutch punk band BAMBIX will be giving one of her very rare acoustic gigs at this year's BTF. We can expect melodic punk songs, sung with a rough and expressive voice and reduced to the essentials, but always with the fist in the air.

Of course with the best BAMBIX songs, new songs and the best cover versions of all time. Whooohooo, this can only get more than awesome!


If you can't get enough of bands like THE SONICS, MC5 or THE STOOGES, you've come to the right place.

THE LORDS OF ALTAMONT saw the light of day in Los Angeles in 2000 and are fully committed to snotty fuzz garage punk and play it exactly how it has to sound. Some members have already been up to mischief in bands like THE FUZZTONES, MC5 or THE CRAMPS, which only underlines the quality of the band even more.

Their live shows are wild, their sound is dirty, punk and loud and will grab you from the first song and won't let go until the encore. Whoa, we're looking forward to it!



... are after THE TWITCHBLADES and THE NOT AUSED another project by the all-rounders Rosa Riot and Kidnap from Berlin.

The mixed foursome released their first LP last year, on who else but Wanda Records. The 12 songs are political and biting and really put you in a good mood because everything comes across in 77's punk rock garb. Fabienne's vocals, underlaid with stripped-down riffs, cool melodies and a dryly placed drum beat, make them a typical BTF band! My personal goosebumps hit is her only German-language song "Berlin Syndrome", which deals with the topic of gentrification in Berlin - "...who capitulates-loses...".

On our part, there is already great anticipation for THE BAD SHAPES! We hope that we were able to draw attention to another insider tip of our small, fine event.


THE KIDS - Belgium's longest running punk rock band

... sets sail again and, after a long absence, stops in Glaubitz in 2023. Their first two albums are undoubtedly classics that only contain hits. If you don't know them yet and are now thinking of dusty old men's rock, THE KIDS will teach you better.

Live, they are still one of the best bands of their era and they will demonstrate that again at this year's BTF - "This Is Rock'n'Roll"!


SUCK is a relatively new band from Kassel and Hamburg.

The combo already set a first exclamation mark in 2019, when they left a lasting impression at three shows supporting AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS. In 2022 they released their first long player, "RIBBIT", on which they reproduced the energy of their live shows to perfection. A concentrated load of fuzz garage punk awaits us, which is crowned by the singing of frontwoman Isabell. Parts of our crew have already been able to convince themselves of their live qualities and are very enthusiastic! SUCK are another insider tip of our festival!


Murphys's Law at BTF? does that fit? Of course, like ass on bucket!

For those unfamiliar with the band Murphy's Law, here is an apt description of the band from the Ox fanzine:

“At the heyday of hardcore, when mission and toughness determined the gesture of almost every band, a band from the early days withdrew from all this without losing sight of the realities of their scene. MURPHY'S LAW from New York have toured and played with the RAMONES, the BEASTIE BOYS, the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, RUN-D.M.C. and FISHBONE, whose horn section also helped out on some records. Their refreshing mix of HC, punk, ska and reggae gets into your blood, especially live, and thankfully never takes itself seriously.”

I have no idea how the band got its name, Murphy's law is: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." - we're looking forward to a big boat of chaos!

With VSK, a German punk grenade awaits us in Glaubitz by popular request!

But let's start with the origin: VERSAUTE STIEFINDER - a political German punk band from Freiberg, who wrote timeless punk classics in the 90s, is the root of all "evil"!

With the current band line up there are exactly two people from the original line-up. With Martin and Nils from RASTA KNAST and singer Julian (including GLOOMSTER) they present these hits in a new guise. This suits the combative songs perfectly, sounds much rougher and is reminiscent of legends like CANAL TERROR or TOXOPLASMA. Their current LP "Auf allen Weg" now also includes their own songs, these always go forward and transport current content with the right energy!

A warm "Hello" goes out to VSK and we're looking forward to the fact that "Glaubitz" will work out in 2023!


Yes, the new Ox fanzine is here!

I cleared out the mailbox yesterday after my vacation of several weeks! Yes, the new OxFanzine is here! Quickly flipped through and what can I say - two of our headliner bands with PASCOW and COCK SPARRER are very busy with interviews... and then dear Joachim Hiller also put us on the cover page - thank you!

What else should one write about the Ox fanzine, the punk fanzine with the highest circulation with all its great interviews, sections and columns is always worth recommending or subscribing to. In the publishing house itself, all issues of #166 are probably already sold out, there are then only the options kiosk or record shops. Have fun while reading!

huh Why is a couple being filmed here going to a travel agency? And why is there beer there!?

Hm... Isn't that the bird with the camera in hand, not the magician from last year's forest bath? Is correct! He always makes the trailers and after-show clips for Back To Future. If that's not the preparatory work for the upcoming trailer. Looks exciting.

You can find all previous trailers and clips by the way »HERE