During the last years some single guests visiting our festival with there kids. It works. Now some long time friends asking for there kids and if's possible to find a good solution for a festival with the whole family. So we talking about a save family camp ground where it isn't too loud but not so far from the action. At all to create something which is good for parents and kids.

Our idea is to organize a nice place and a give little bit of support and the rest is DIY by mum and dad. And don't hesitate to talk to the other parents for help.

You need nothing more than your tent or mobile home and let's start it. Welcome.

BUT WE NEED A RESERVATION! Send us an email and told us how many you are – You will get more informations by email.


Hmpf, like it's happaning just before every festival, a band has to cancel. This is ours: NIGHT FEVER have to pass because of their drummers broken hand. Get well soon to Copenhagen.

We are at least as happy and glad about BREAKOUT from Paris. They will play for them. Don't miss them - they are powerful!


This year we take the word for "If the kids are united". This year we take the word for "If the kids are united". This year we take the word for "If the kids are united". This year we take the word for "If the kids are united".

Line Up looks good

The line up for our 2017 party is nearly complete. Here are three more fantastic punk rock acts from all around the world.

THE REVOLVERS These sweathearts would like to play the BTF. First show after the break 2005 of the former 77 figurehead of PEOPLE LIKE YOU records. They told us something about „We will be doing a reunion with all original band members, because BTF is our top festival. Glaubitz has the best audience!“ blablabla...

We say „Let's do it“ CLOWNS (AUS) What an amazing act from down under. One of the live surprises in 2016. They rock the GROEZROCK, ENDLESS SUMMER too. 2017 at the Back To Future – but notice playtime for Melbourne finest is thursday!

Don't miss it. LA FLINGUE (FRA) These garage punk master piece form marseille with musicians from Hatepinks, Gasolheads, Neurotic Swingers, Irritones, Aggravation, Les Jolies (just to name a few ;-)), will hit the stage of BTF. They used old connections because NEW BOMB TURKS will playing too. They ask Holm, which was booking a couple of tours for some of these fabulous massilia punk rock swells, to get a slot. It looks like a huge family reunion in july 2017.

The next time we will publish some informations about something which looks interesting for a bigger part each year. Punk is Dad. At the moment we check some possibilities, because we got a lot of questions if's possible to find a special area for parents and kids. More soon. Best regards, your BTF- Crew

Boozin' good bye to SUPERNICHTS

We are proud to announce that SUPERNICHTS will be part of the BTF. We are very happy on one side, but deeply sad on the other because the Beach Boys of Deutschpunk will bury the band. The last will and testament of the band say „End the band at the Glaubitz open air!“ and we ain't no killjoy. We had a great time together. A lot of shows and so many beers. It would be a bad day. There's only one medicine against these pain – cheers.