Our until April 25th The limited pre-sale campaign is slowly coming to an end, after which the regular pre-sale begins. There have been plenty of orders over the past few days. We are of course pleased and shows that the Back To Future / Glaubitz Open Air hits your nerve. This makes the further preparations all the more fun.


This weekend there are several events that are supported by us. First of all, of course, I would like to refer to Saturday and the Holzwurm in Riesa. This is where DIE PORTERS and CHURCH OF CONFIDENCE go to great lengths for you. The bands each perform two sets, the porters even acoustically. Attention: start at 7:30 p.m.


Every punk rocker is recommended to attend the concert this Friday in the cozy control room of the Oschatz electrical works. With THE RABBLE you can expect something really big, musically as well as optically. We look forward to the New Zealanders, because they swim exactly on our wavelength and we don't have the opportunity to admire them often. RASTA KNAST and STRIKE THE BALANCE provide exactly the right mix, so that it will be an all-round successful punk rock evening.


The open air season in Riesa usually starts in April. On the occasion of the Riesa pub night on April 24th. with THE PORTERS the greatest German folk-punk hope in the beer garden of the HOLZWURM Riesa (Goethestrasse). The Ruhrpottler share the stage with CHURCH OF CONFIDENCE that evening. The Kreuzberg Punk`n`Roller play one of their few club gigs in Riesa, otherwise they are more likely to be on the larger festival stages in 2010. It starts at 7:30 p.m. sharp, with each band playing two sets. VVK tickets are available for € 6.00 using our ticket form.


On Saturday we will welcome Betontod in Oschatz. Tickets for the show are also available at the E-Werk itself. Just talk to Ron or Janek. Of course, also here without fees, etc. The same applies to the concerts on April 16. with Rasta Knast, Rabble and Strike The Balance as well as the Skatoons / Unthinkable Show on May 13th (Ascension)!


The time is ripe for our popular early bird promotion. You can now and up to and including 25.4. Order tickets for this year's Back To Future at a special price. For a mere 27 euros we will not only deliver you an impressive number of great bands, with the festival ticket you also have free entry to the Glaubitz forest pool. The idyllic natural swimming pool is barely 200m away from the festival site! The lifeguard welcomes you now ;-)

For the moment we can announce another band entry, we have secured another band from Holland! Not only connoisseurs will click their tongues at the band name ACCELERATORS. Comparisons are glitches, but in this case completely appropriate, I'll mention names like ZERO BOYS, THE FREEZE ... The band is awesome, melodic American punk of the 80s!


We ask all people who have already placed their ticket orders using our form to repeat this as soon as possible! The wings of our ticket fairy were broken. We exchanged them and everything works again!


It's time again to announce new names for the BACK TO FUTURE. This year two bands from Italy come to the tranquil village of Glaubitz. On the one hand the Antifascist-OI! -Heroes KLASSE KRIMINALE with a new publication and on the other hand the Psychos by EVIL DEVIL. The latter are supported by the psycho comedies KLINGONZ. It's punkier with SS-KALIERT to the point. BOSS MARTIANS from Seattle present you melodic Punk`n`Roll this year. We get the finest pop-punk from the Norwegian THE YUM YUMS!


For the two April dates in Oschatz 10.04. Betontod / Kärholz / Pipes & Pints / Botox or 16.04. Rasta Knast / The Rabble / Strike The Balance are available on our ticket sales page. Use that and you will save fees and postage.

Betontod will take place in the large hall of the E-Werk and Rasta Knast in the tranquil control room. Of course, we are adding proper technology to the local system in the hall, so that it is also an acoustic experience for you.


On April 16 is again punk rock on the menu of the Oschatzer E-Werk! A varied three-course menu is offered, which every gourmet is sure to get their money's worth! The guys from RASTA KNAST present you a German interpretation of the finest Swedish punks from ASTA KASK! Similar in finish, but much more exotic are THE RABBLE, who present you a full plate of RANCID-Punk from the other end of the world! The menu is rounded off according to the taste a'la CASUALTIES by the Greifswaldern rivet punks STRIKE THE BALANCE!