We can be controversial! We have already proven that several times. Whereby, we don't see Swiss & Die Andern as arguable. Instead, we are happy that it fits this year, after we have been talking about it behind the scenes for several years.

Simply party away with left-wing extremists, it will be really big.

By the way, the former Deichkind Ferris MC is also there!



The reunion 2019 at our riding arena was legendary! The sky was raging with happiness and shed tons of tears of joy, which is why the performance was on the brink, but then it turned into an unforgettable show by Loikaemie. In the end it was so brilliant that we’re going to reissue it this year. Only this time without the freak weather!



It felt like the ALARMSIGNAL was ten times on the BTF flyer and something always came up at short notice. But it will be this year!

The band has developed considerably. In the meantime, ALARMSIGNAL are rightly at the forefront of German punk rock!



Yahaha, the positive things that such a postponement brings with it! 15 long years after their last appearance in 2006, it finally worked out for Smoke Blow to come back to us.

The migrations from different directions can line up and then soon set off to meet Jack in September Letting Letten and MC street dogs pound down in Glaubitz. Damn great that we were able to convince this HC punk roller to one of their rare shows!



As you have probably noticed, our FB page is still unavailable. Mr. Trump is banned until January 2023. Let's see when our ban expires. ;-) But our advance booking has been going really well since the postponement was announced. Since we do not know exactly which visitor numbers will be approved by the office, we recommend that you strike now. When it comes to booking new bands, there will definitely be surprises!

Despite the Facebook ban, the world continues to turn and we would like to briefly point out that you can return tickets until July 24th. If your employer cannot do without you on September 16/17 and 18, when you have to attend this wedding, which has already been postponed twice, or want to exchange the well-deserved vacation for this unforgettable Corona edition of the Back To Future, you should her send us a short email. The best thing to do is to reply to the email with the payment details that you received for your online order. If you haven't bought your ticket from us, you can contact the relevant VVK office, they will be informed about the return details.


Do you miss our FB page? We also. A concerned citizen used our annual "Follow Your Leader" post, including the corresponding graphic, to inform Facebook about our shameful goings-on. Until our reputation is restored, the site does not seem to be reachable. Sorry


A few days ago, with RESIST TO EXIST and RUHRPOTT RODEO, two friendly open air festivals announced that they would be relocated to summer 2022. Taking this difficult step is more than understandable. The current legal framework and the silence of politics on the prospects of the summer open airs wear down every festival organizer. It is now hopeless to be able to plan and finance a safe open-air event on a reasonable scale for the period from June to August. It is unimaginable for us to have visitors on picnic blankets or mini-groups in a fenced square in front of the stage, especially not with distance control and mouth-nose protection and all of this without serving alcohol.

For this reason we have decided to set the date in late summer, more precisely on the 16.-18. September 2021 to be relocated. With this decision, we hope for approval due to a very high vaccination rate, the extensive test options, new methods of contact follow-up and further scientific knowledge from major events for this point in time. Of course we have had to learn in the last 15 months that the knowledge and work of today can be outdated tomorrow and ask you to always keep this in mind.

What is clear to us all, this one Pandemics can only be met with consistent behavior and not with anti-science and oaths. In the meantime, almost everyone can report serious to fatal courses of illness to close family and friends.

The summer September days of recent years give us all high hopes for a memorable open air event in these otherwise unpredictable ones Times. We also believe in bathing in the Glaubitzer Waldbad at the time of the festival, as you can see we have not lost our optimism. Our fantastic crew is behind the appointment, as are the most important service providers. But we also have to expect that the line-up will change significantly. It will get more of a Central European touch, because overseas bands will only reach us sporadically. But we are sure that we can get over that after this long dry spell. We will keep you up to date about changes and news, the first band update will follow shortly.

About your tickets - they are of course still valid and we hope to see you all in Glaubitz in September may. Anyone who cannot keep the new date for a variety of reasons and is dependent on the ticket money already paid has the option of a refund until July 23, 2021. More details on this in the coming days.


We have had an idea for a long time to introduce our crew to you in more detail. In the past, this always fell victim to the lack of time. The excuse no longer counts and in the coming weeks and months we will put some helpers, who are part of the festival, such as bands and beer, in the mangle and subject them to a highly embarrassing survey. We present the results to you week after week on our channels.

Unfortunately we will not be able to publish all of the features we have planned here. Although there would have been more exciting stories (I'll throw the buzzwords `thirst express, bottle post fusion, spitting Oetker in the coffee` in the ring), there could be professional consequences for individual crew members in the future if the BTF gang It becomes clear who pushed, moderated or forced what and where. Too bad. However, we hope to be able to continue the series for a while, because everyone here has an incredibly interesting story to tell.


Halli hello, here we are again!

The last post was a good 2 months ago and behind us was a never-ending roller coaster ride of emotions. For you like us the burning question is: "Will there be a Back To Future this year?". To be honest, we still can't answer the question. The situation is as it is and you will certainly understand that no responsible office can give any reliable commitments at the moment.

How do we deal with that? It might seem unrealistic that there will be a festival like 2019. That is why we have been working on a wide variety of scenarios for months to make an event with a festival feel possible. Our recipe to deal with this uncertain situation is that we ask everyone involved, i.e. bands, service providers and helpers, but also you, to assume that the BTF will take place. Nevertheless, everyone should be aware that the final okay could come late and that we have to react to developments right up to the finish line. Maybe the different test variants in connection with the hopefully progressing vaccinations already allow something like a normal festival summer?

In any case, we remain optimistic and end with the final note that we will not break anything and that a safe event is the goal of our endeavors.