PRIVATE FUNCTION is one of the wildest bands the land of kangaroos and koalas has to offer at the moment.

I have no idea what they feed them in Australia, but at least since bands like THE CHATS, CLOWNS or AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS everyone should know that Australia is a good breeding ground for energetic punk rock.

In 2023 the band will tour Europe for the first time, luckily Glaubitz will be one of them.



Brazilian temperament meets Danish warmth. THE COURETTES - a love story turned into music.

The duo around singer and guitarist Flavia Couri and drummer Martin Couri will really wash your ears with their 60's garage fuzz punk rock, with no foot standing next to the other.


TOXIC REASONS - best US HC-Punk from the early 80's!

Founded in 1979, TOXIC REASONS were without a doubt one of the spearheads of US HC punk. Even if the band fell into oblivion after their dissolution in 1995, they were also a big hit in Europe in the eighties. No wonder, that's how punk had to sound in this era... actually still now.

Luckily they have been playing a few concerts again for a few years now and we are all the more pleased that they are making a detour to tranquil Glaubitz in 2023. Look forward to Power Punk from the very beginning!



With this band confirmation, a very big personal wish has come true for us! ... because as few people know, we laid the bait for THE TOY DOLLS many years ago and now they've finally snapped. For big fish you have to be a bit more patient!

THE TOY DOLLS are without a doubt the forefathers of fun punk and apart from our eternal favorite JOHNNY WOLGA nobody can really hold a candle to them in the genre.

Say hello to the guys around Rampensau Olga at the BTF 2023 and spread the good news throughout Punkerland.



The Cologne-based exiles sound like classic 80's punk/post punk and like to expand it with elements from garage to major pop.

Lyrically, they are up to date and often refer to things that move or piss them off. Her new album is currently being released via Audiolith, which is entitled "All I have left are my skills". Pogendroblem are currently everywhere in the media (Plastic Bomb / Ox Fanzine), let's see where the band's journey will take them in the future.



An NYHC supergroup is hiding behind this still quite fresh band, because the old hands were/are active in Biohazard, Agnostic Front, Madball, Sick Of It All or Cro-Mags, among others.

Musically it goes in the direction of Streetpunk/Oi! with a gritty dash of classic rock 'n' roll and, of course, you can hear their roots through. In 2019 THE TAKE's first and so far only LP was released, the songs are all mid-tempo, but really push! It's going to be a party - Oi! Oi! Oh!



Yes, what did the cat put in front of the door for us? We had already nibbled on her prey in 2021 and then came the stupid one...!

For more than 20 years now, the guys around frontman RAY CARLISLE have been delighting their ever-growing fan base with their bubblegum Power pop punk rock, which also has a decent BTF stable smell.

Their catchy melodies, paired with a lot of drive and dynamics, will solidify in your ear canals from the first song and immediately put you in a good mood. This horny music can do everything!



Need cover bands on the BTF? Of course not - we take the originals!

In the case of THE RAMONAS, however, it is obvious that the legendary Ramones gave it its name. In addition to Ramones classics, the All Girl Band is now playing more and more of their own songs, and the girls also look a lot better than the originals.

Everyone who has already seen this band live will confirm that we can rightly promise a full-throttle show with an incredible performance for BTF 2023.



are no strangers to the GLAUBITZ OPEN AIR and will come again in 2023. The legendary punk band around singer Jack Grisham comes from the scene and the age of bands like Circle Jerks, Adolescents or Bad Religion. Jack's melancholic voice gives the typical American HC punk sound a touch of The Damned, awesome!

The release "Dance With Me" ranks among the top 10 punk records ever for some of our crew members! There are currently three founding members in the band line up, which is rather unusual after 45 years of band history and stands for the honesty and connection to their music.



We haven't been completely idle in the last few weeks. We would think that we can continue with the daily band announcements until December.

With many great artists and bands, careers took off at the age of 27 an abrupt end, at TELEKOMA from the deepest East there is still a demise not to think for a long time. A few weeks ago it was just themed "Pogo, beer & no compromises!" over two days at SO36 Berlin Anniversary celebrated extensively.

Many big bands are canceling their tours at the moment due to a lack of interest in pre-sales and the guys from Frankfurt/Oder fill the venerable Berlin store twice. Respect! Reason for us, the band members up again the stage and not just as guests in front of it. what to expect us: Still ingenious snotty German punk with a lot of anger in his stomach, who doesn't mince his words.