Line Up complete

Time runs and runs. In addition to the many logistical preparations, we have now also tied down the final line-up. We can happily announce that never more bands have entered the BTF stage than in 2016! This year we have placed the focus on the region with the opener bands. Yes, there are plenty of fresh and interesting combos in our part of the world too. We are presenting three of them at BTF 2016:

  • FCKR
  • StrgZ
Next you get information about which band is playing on which day. We will then only offer day tickets at The exact running order still has to wait. Stay curious and stop by here every now and then.

Great Newcomer

Which reggae / ska, punk band from Amsterdam / Boston had to cancel their appearance at the BACK TO FUTURE at short notice in both 2012 and 2015, but will definitely come this time because all good things come in threes? Right, we are looking forward to JAYA THE CAT !!

At the moment we are very busy with the application of our baby. Anyone who would like to help us distribute flyers and hang up posters can »WRITE TO US .

New Bands at BTF 2016

It's time again to keep you up to date with new band confirmations for the BTF 2016. Take a look at the fact that we are sometimes more up-to-date on other media. We look forward to lots of well-known bands, international classics and unexpected reunion shows with you:

Hard Skin-Show sold out!

Our concert with Hard Skin and Gulag Beach next Friday is sold out. The Pre-sale is over.

Pre-sale-tickets countdown

When it comes to the Hard Skin concert, we now have to start the countdown. There are still 15 tickets left, then the drop is sucked. No guest list, no friends ;-). Use our pre-sale form on the homepage.

In the coming days we will announce a few more bands that will find their way to Glaubitz this year. The early bird promotion runs until January 31st!

Early Bird ticket promotion is running!

With the current flyer (pictures say more than a thousand words) the first early bird tickets went out to you this week. The campaign will continue for another 2 weeks - on January 31st. let's end this pre-sale phase. Hurry up! I'm not giving away a secret when I say that the bands are far from over. There are still a few more hits!

Your quick decision is also required at the Hard Skin concert. Half of the tickets are gone, now it's getting serious. If you don't want to miss the British, you should order the coming days. Remember, at the moment only 100 people are allowed into the youth center!