Fancy the first wave of pictures from all days?

Then have a look at »PUNKROCK SECRETARY'S PICTURES - there are already all days online! - and enjoy again what happened last weekend!

Hey guys, here's the updated running order again

All in all, an impressive three days that we look forward to and look forward to from 6 p.m.! The mix is ​​right and you really have to think about when you want to be where. Fortunately, our stages are not too far apart and there are always worthwhile stops in between. The running order is available on site as a small flyer or can be downloaded »UNDOWNLOADS download.

However, we still have a drop of bitterness to report: SCHLOTZE AUS BERLIN has canceled - which the clip magician and the social media flitzpiepe find particularly sad.

Before you set off

do us and you a favour: Please do another quick corona test! You don't want to be exhausted next week and neither do we. After you're negative, hopefully that won't be an issue anymore, since you're probably only in the big Back-To-Future family anyway!

So that you can get in the mood for the trip in full alarm style, here's the »Spotify-Playlist again - don't forget the random!

Forest Fire Danger Index

Listen, if you arrive on Wednesday evening and light a lighter, your hand will be chopped off. No, seriously! The lunatics who still deny climate change should continue to do so, they can no longer be helped anyway. We definitely see it differently!

The wildfire risk is almost certainly at its highest level from Thursday and will remain so throughout the festival. That means we appeal again to your common sense, which we have also been able to rely on in the past. So don't make open fires, don't grill and be careful with your fags. Everything is bone dry and bursts into flames in a matter of seconds. Great that we can count on you.

Construction impressions and presale end

Take a look at our day's work yesterday. In the blazing sun we work our backs and as soon as the sun goes down... Okay, what happens in Glaubitz stays in Glaubitz. And not only from Thursday, hehe.

Moreover, and very urgently, because it has to be said:

The presale ends on Tuesday, after that there are only tickets available at the box office.

As it should be, the questions keep piling up

But you can also make it easier for yourself than writing us an email at the moment and waiting for an answer. We are in the middle of construction. And because we're not a stupid big and expensive monster festival, everyone lends a hand. Also those who answer the questions.

So have a look »HERE and then you should be open, »CONTACT of course we're still happy to do so.

Family campsite

Yes great, in the last two years many kids have obviously enjoyed a reasonable early musical education. This year we have the highest number of registrations for the family campsite.

We still have a few free spots. If you still want to stay there at the last second, you have to contact us here by Sunday at the latest. Under »INFOS you will find more about this, also check the document under Downloads.


On the running order, you must have wondered who this magician is. In fact, this is none other than the guy who has been capturing our most magical moments with the film camera for many years and uses them to create the ingenious aftermovies and trailers.

In addition, Martin Weber magician is still active in the business of illusion. When he's not astonishing people privately, he's doing magic at festivals or with bands for a good cause. Best guy! Be sure to check this out. Parts of the crew have experienced this several times and are amazed every time.


Sometimes things go right...

The Running Order was published yesterday with great joy and then the sad cancellation of DIE SKEPTIKER...

Nevertheless, with RASTA KNAST we have found a patent replacement that makes our ears ring. Crunchy, melodic German punk, yeah!

File under: Too bad, but great.



The inquiries are piling up - our photographer triumvirate also wants clarity. Perfectly right as we think. So here is the running order of who, when and where to see. Then have fun planning. It certainly won't be that easy to schedule feeding between the stages and the forest pool. At least, clever as we are, we placed various drinking troughs (called beer slugs in professional circles) between the two stages. It's amazing how smart we are, isn't it?