BTF with family camp again in 2023!

First of all, we had to put off all the numerous interested parties with their inquiries from the last few weeks and months for our small, idyllic family camp until a later decision date. The background was that we are working on a minor redesign of the festival site and for this reason we could not yet agree to the numerous requests.

Since we are now assuming that the family camp can be integrated into the redesign without hesitation, we say: YES, there will be a family campsite again this year! ...after all, the next generation must be further encouraged and, so to speak, experience early musical education, starting with their mother's milk. The previous years have shown that it was a great thing, parents and their kids are in good hands with us.

The tent and RV sites for the camp will be in a separate albeit limited area which requires prior registration. Regarding registration, the process and other open questions, read on »THIS INFO through .


Dear Umann has prepared something fine for us.

Have fun listening and looking forward to the coming summer!


ticket draw

If you still want to dust off a festival ticket for free, take a look at our BTF permanent guests from Bierschinken.


What you see here means three days of punk rock full contact for body, mind and soul

Aaargh, damn axe! The line up for Back To Future 2023 is here and we are very happy about what we have put together for you and us. It looks like we're going to spend another special weekend together in July.

Submit your holiday now at the latest, invite your friends over and devote yourself to your packing list early on so that you can switch to holiday mode in good time.

With OLD BONES IN TROUBLE from Dresden, our band dance now closes.

This newly formed band, along with other combos, will sweeten the morning of the festival Friday in the forest pool. The name OLD BONES IN TROUBLE came from meaningless conversations at the counter of their Dresden punk rock bar "Pawlow". We probably talked about the various niggles that come with being over 40.

Everyone in the band has been involved in music for years. Singer Katka writes the lyrics and left us the following information about the song and lyrics.

“It offers a way of organizing and expressing things for oneself and an opportunity for socially critical thought about the general chaos of everyday life. The texts about friends and dreams are intended to convey that no one is alone with certain problems ... here, above all, psychological stress is meant that makes people doubt themselves. The texts should build bridges to show a bond and not just at the bar.”


Our internal crew China Connection has been working for months on guiding DUMMY TOYS from the Chinese coastal city of Qingdao to Europe as part of a small tour to the BTF date. It's not all that easy and it's more of a lottery game with the Chinese exit and entry regulations (including quarantine on return) in pandemic times. Things are looking good now after Xi Jinping officially announced victory over the coronavirus. The first UK shows are confirmed, including at the Rebellion Festival.

What can we expect musically with the women's band on the Glaubitz field? The influences come unmistakably from classic American street punk/raw punk. However, bands like DEMERIT and GUM BLEED (both have already played at BTF) are also local role models.

Everything still sounds a bit bumpy on older live videos. They took one heck of a leap with the release of their debut album Not A Puppet in 2020. Since then, their level of awareness in their own country has increased enormously and they now play at major festivals. ...and now it's off to Glaubitz.


The female garage punk duo CAVA from Berlin convincingly proves that less is often more

Reduced to the essentials, with guitar and drums, CAVA breathe new life into the FLINTA punk movement. Parts of our crew have already been able to convince themselves of their live qualities. The two women have gained sufficient stage experience at over 50 shows. Respect considering there was a pandemic and they only started making music together in 2020!

We are excitedly awaiting the release of their first album, which is called "Damage Control", in the next few days. We will then cool the sparkling wine to toast in the forest pool!



Unfortunately, the Dresden band had to cancel their BTF show last year at short notice. Annoying, since many people from the crew were already looking forward to it. We had no choice but to award the opener slot for the BTF 2023 to "Schlotze" on the BTF weekend. The fact that the announcement is only now coming is of course due to the fact that the best always comes a little last to keep the excitement high.

Musically, the regional cult band is on the trail of SCHLEIM-KEIM. With delicious Schrammelpunk songs called "König der Gosse", "Schuss ins Ei", "Computerpunks", "Ami" etc., the lyrics are in no way inferior to the role model. It will be a worthy opener on Thursday July 20th!



The frontwoman Wick of the Dutch punk band BAMBIX will be giving one of her very rare acoustic gigs at this year's BTF. We can expect melodic punk songs, sung with a rough and expressive voice and reduced to the essentials, but always with the fist in the air.

Of course with the best BAMBIX songs, new songs and the best cover versions of all time. Whooohooo, this can only get more than awesome!


If you can't get enough of bands like THE SONICS, MC5 or THE STOOGES, you've come to the right place.

THE LORDS OF ALTAMONT saw the light of day in Los Angeles in 2000 and are fully committed to snotty fuzz garage punk and play it exactly how it has to sound. Some members have already been up to mischief in bands like THE FUZZTONES, MC5 or THE CRAMPS, which only underlines the quality of the band even more.

Their live shows are wild, their sound is dirty, punk and loud and will grab you from the first song and won't let go until the encore. Whoa, we're looking forward to it!