New Years Eve greetings

Dear BTF family, now we have already had to skip three times because this shitty pandemic is still raging. We do not want to make a big deal out of who is doing his or her part here.

Instead, we firmly believe that we will celebrate a three-day Back To Future together in the fourth restart in 2022, from which we will first need a week off because we have spent so much.

With this in mind and endless anticipation for mid-July 2022, we wish you all and those close to your heart: Have a good New Year, at midnight all evil spirits scream / roar / block all evil spirits across the hereafter and stay brave and healthy, see you in summer 2022!


Batz, this is what it looks like, the updated flyer! We can already live with it pretty well, can you? At least it's time for a great raffle, right?

Okay, and since we also pay a little attention to the new Facebook profile need, we are raffling off 3 x 2 weekend tickets among all those who like, share and link friends to the post.

The raffle runs up to and including December 23rd, the winners will be announced on December 24th. announced at noon, this is also called punk rock messing about. Please remember that you are only available to the Losfee if your profiles are set to "public".

Speaking of giving presents, if you are still looking for the right attention for your loved ones, how about a BTF festival ticket at this point?


Watch out, the king is coming - finally again! After many years of abstinence and constant inquiries on our part, it finally works again that King Khan And The Shrines gets our riding arena going. Sensationally garage sound with an incredible amount of soul and weirdness. A real exceptional band that doesn't play classic punk rock, but that flows honey-thick through your veins. A royal and super rare feast that we are especially looking forward to!



After Civet was hung up a few years ago, Suzi Moon was far from inactive. Instead of whining, she just keeps going, which is obviously a very good idea. Because the band named after her is going in one direction on the previous releases, this is: forward. Let's say that the band is in good hands with us.



With fun in their cheeks, THE DROWNS will take the route across the Atlantic next year to distribute their sun-soaked sound waves evenly here. We're looking forward to a band with a little bit of Californian sunshine and spirit. We're talking about entertaining rock'n'roll west coast punk rock.



OUDATE is a relatively young combo from Dresden, whose band members have already collected their spurs. Accordingly, their first release is skilfully and true to style as a tape! This foursome will present these and other hits to us in the summer of 2022. We are more than excited.


Our tip for couch surfing

After browsing, stop here and there and finish reading. Another nice edition. But what should we say, with THE TOTEN CRACKHUREN IM KOFFERRAUM, ALARMSIGNAL, LOS FASTIDIOS or FCKR there are a lot of great bands who have already been with us or will finally come. In addition, something about the BRÜCKENKOPF TORGAU, from around the corner!


We said that we will still work properly on Line-Up so far. The current result is another classic in it! Really great, THE OPPRESSED are coming to us in 2022 for one of their super rare shows. So the band, the anti-fascist Oi! co-invented, so to speak. Totally cool, we look forward to a hole in the knee!


Marc's henchmen had us banned for several months. But now we are back with a new profile to show what we have already prepared for you.

Without blushing and exaggerating, we are already pretty satisfied, but will still fine-tune, do and do. Because two years of abstinence have left their mark.

At this point the request to support us: invite friends, acquaintances and others to the Facebook-site so that our fine festival gets at least the attention it had been before.



Nope, we are not starting from zero in 2022, but we're happy with you that we have a whole bunch of great bands that will shake the riding arena next year.

What now looks like a compensation for the last two years, promises to have much more in the hindquarters.

Spread the word: the countdown is running!