No more calm

It's been very quiet for a while now. That's enough of that.

Although the current developments are anything but edifying, we see positive signals for summer 2021. Our plans went on all the time. Only our motivation went through a lot of phases. From "head in the sand" to "head against the wall" everything was there. Now this rollercoaster ride seems to slowly calm down and a descent that signals that a festival in July 2021 is feasible is in sight.

Sure, at the moment we are not getting any reliable commitments from the authorities. But we used the time and adjusted to different scenarios and got professional help by our side. We see ourselves in the best possible position for final discussions with the responsible authorities. We firmly believe that we can hold a Back To Future that deserves the name. Now we hope (keeping our fingers crossed a bit can't hurt) that our line-up will last as extensively as possible. But don't worry, we are also prepared for a rejection of one or the other band. We'll keep you up to date again more regularly.

Enough for the moment, stay healthy and use Santa's favor to support the alternative structures of our scene. Your favorite concert hall needs it badly.


Now that we have finally received all of the thank you presents from our solo campaign, we were able to prove over the weekend that we are not only gifted festival organizers, but also first-class packaging artists. Let's put it this way, the Back To Future is unlikely to become a mail order company anymore. Although, such a small festival shop, in order not to unlearn the newly acquired skills right away ...?

Your deliveries will go on tour from Monday. Please understand that it could take two to three days, because with the large number of items (150 parcels) our small post office in the "mini market" in Glaubitz could be a little overwhelmed.

Finally, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks again to you. We are so excited that we were able to help so specifically with your support. Let's hope that festivals will run as usual in the coming year, so that we can all have a lot of fun in Glaubitz again.

Thank you and keep your fingers crossed, your Back To Future team from Glaubitz.


Geilo, after we were just as happy about the two newcomers for 2021 as you were, the flyer was rightly fumbled so that you could see the awesome line up again in its entirety and go crazy with the sheer anticipation!


Certainly TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET belong to the bands with the best album covers ever.

That can also be said of their music. Again and again they manage to stick up ear canals for a long time with fantastic bubblegum punk rock. Cool, they want to do that with us next year too!



"Off with their heads" shouted the Queen of Hearts at Alice in Wonderland and a shambles ensued.

When OFF WITH THEIR HEADS are on stage with us in 2021, it will be straightforward and punchy punk rock with a certain melancholy and statement. We're already looking forward to it!



In a historic year 2020, in which almost nothing is going as we are used to, it is an incredible relief to be able to announce something positive. In our case it is the extremely successful end of our solos.

Thanks to our carefully selected bonuses and your incredible financial support, we are able to provide sustainable Corona support: Yesterday, the majority of the solitary money went to our stage and sound technician. Friedemann`s family has grown by the third child at this year's BTF festival date. And all of this without any income. On the contrary: all of its costs continue to run. State audit firms continue to charge huge amounts for their annual reports, even though the stages have never been set up. Furthermore, he tries to adapt his sound technology to growing demands. You put us in the position to send a clearly encouraged sign as the proverbial 'drop in the ocean'. Thank you!

After a brief moment of reflection, the order placement of the ordered gimmicks will begin in the next few days. As soon as we have all the merchandise, shipping begins. We therefore ask you to be patient until the end of September.

Last but not least, another really good news: In addition to your commitment to our solos, the normal advance ticket sales are also ongoing. So you know how to make us happy. That really lets us look optimistically into the future and motivates us for the coming weeks, in which a lot of art and culture will continue to run unfamiliar or under new conditions. We hope this surge will continue for a while.

Project update

We are very happy to announce that our supporter campaign has also passed the second donation hurdle. We have a great concert in mind, which we organize in cooperation with the youth center in Rosswein and whose income (entrance fee including excess beverage sales) goes completely into the upkeep of the house. Ideally, we will succeed in significantly increasing the donation. It would be impossible without your support. Muchas Gracias.

In case someone has already noticed that the nudist season is slowly coming to an end and that stylish swimming trunks will be necessary for the coming months or that the sun is particularly blinding and the hottest accessory in BTF history (Sun Glasses, beautiful Sun Glasses) has not found its way into the home, should use the last few days for "shopping". The fundraising campaign will run up to and including August 31, 2020 with the following thank you items: girlie shirts, t-shirts, special tickets, swimming trunks, sunglasses and festival DVDs. So you cut a very good figure with every birthday child.


Project update

What an incredible number! The original funding goal was achieved within a few hours! Since we are now above our planned target, we would like to introduce you to another project worth supporting in connection with the Back To Future Festival and have therefore increased the funding amount again.

Many of you know the Jugendhaus Roßwein personally, at least some from the concert dates of many bands. We ourselves have been able to organize a number of great concerts on the Juha site. Much more, we ourselves were visitors to the current and previous location in the Saxon province for countless years. In the rooms of this house we were allowed to celebrate some BTF crew parties as well as birthdays extensively. For about 15 years, a lot of club members and Juha visitors have been supporting us actively and logistically in all BTF festival activities. After years of cost-intensive fire protection renovation of the house, constant concerts should finally start again, but then the corona-related ban on events came. It should be mentioned in this regard that the association is dependent on the income from these in order to cover operating costs. The club with location is in financial difficulties and urgently needs support. We are happy to be sponsors and supporters with your help. Take advantage of our soli “thank you” merch or give voluntary support. Let us achieve the new funding goal in favor of our BTF partner Jugendhaus Roßwein.


FLYER 2021

Unbelievable! With our first Flyer in 2021, we are at least six months earlier than all the years before. But no wonder, because a majority of the bands that couldn't come this year don't want to miss a gig with us and you and have already confirmed for next year. Awesome thing that.


The BTF 2020 is over, so to speak, and we are already taking care of 2021. In addition to the fact that a large part of this year's unusual line-up has confirmed to us again, there are also fantastic newcomers.

One of them are the paid ones and non-terminable Antifa works council members AKNE KID JOE , who eat their next Pizza Napoletana with us - of course, baked crispy on the Weber grill that you brought with you. That’s going to be delicious!