Yesterday the refrigerated trailer almost fell over, that would have been fatal. But as you can see, he's back on track. If you think that the weather in beautiful Saxony is just as crappy as it is at home, you've already cut yourself.

The forecasts for the weekend are great. All sunshine and sunshine with us too. We are right on schedule, so that tonight at 10pm, KASSIERER-Wölfi will open the BTF 2011 with his speech to the nation. Advance ticket sales on our website end at midnight. Have fun wishes the Back To Future crew.


For us it starts today in Glaubitz. A clear sign that it will be for all of you to purchase a presale ticket. The last date for this is Wednesday, then it's over. Nevertheless, we are happy to provide everyone who didn't make it to the box office with their ticket. The last minute surcharge is in good hands with us, we promise! We will try to keep you up to date in the coming days.

Since anticipation is known to be the greatest joy, another reference to a great concert on August 9th in the Chemiefabrik Dresden. The »GREENLAND WHALEFISHERS are giving one of their rare German concerts there. If you like the Pogues, you should lend an ear to the Norwegians. In the opening act the SUBURBS from Berlin.


one or the other has probably already noticed. The NPD spared no expense or effort to raise public spirits against the festival and in particular against SLIME among the people of Glaubitz. During the night from Monday to Tuesday, a large proportion of Glaubitz households received »UNWANTED POST.

SZ editor-in-chief Ostrowski commented on the action with "Attempt,.. . thoroughly flopped" and Mayor Lutz Thiemig takes a clear stand for the Open Air in the Glaubitz Official Gazette not liked by his party. The most harmless reactions are a shake of the head and the rubbish sheet going straight to the wastebasket. For what reason the action of the NPD is purposefully continued, eludes our knowledge. Glaubitzer and Nünchritzer citizens had received mail from the NPD again today:-).

The comrades aren't above themselves with their demonstrations on songs of clay stones, shards, false colors or to grab Slime back.

The Back To Future/Glaubitz Open Air was always a big relaxed party with a family character and that's exactly the reason why many visitors come back every year and therefore a lä ; accept a longer journey. The people of Glaubitz also stand by "their" festival! It will be easy for you and us to prove how relaxed this event is on the stage and that nobody in Glaubitz really has to worry about what the colorful bunch is up to Riding arena drives. In this sense...


We were on the radio again. In Nolti's current NEW ROSE RADIO episode, Holm answers questions. We'll listen in right now, too. »HIER

In addition, Ronja from the Plastic Bomb laughed at us. Facts and thoughts about the festival, the process & advance booking, but also the cancellation of the BREAK THE SILENCE FESTIVALis there on the »PLASTIC BOMB HOMEPAGE


You can now find the running order under »LINEUP. Since we have also received an increasing number of inquiries regarding the addresses of guesthouses in the immediate region, there are now a few contacts for accommodation options at »VENUE. If you want to fall back on it, you shouldn't take too long.

Of course, you can also arrive on Thursday from 5 p.m., the site can then be used can also be scrutinized over a beer. Music from the tape will get you in the mood for the festival.

Everything else is going like clockwork, guests from overseas, Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe have announced themselves . See you.


It's really time to speak up again, after all things will get down to business in just over two weeks.

PRE-SALES: All presale offices are included Sufficient tickets stocked, all information about shops and online sales points can be found under »TICKETS. The box office prices are there for comparison. The weather will be fine, because dormouse don't lie :-)

CARRIAGE OPPORTUNITIES: In order not to have to throw your coal down the throat of the mineral oil companies, thanks to »MITREISEN.NET we have put a cool alternative under »DIRECTIONS on the site. Make plenty of use of it, then you have more money for the festival and you already have a lot of fun. on the journey to get to know each other.

There have already been two fine radio programs for the BTF. German punk FICHLI was so enthusiastic about the BTF festival and our audience at his premiere last year that he immediately started a special show on »PUNK RADIO. On the other hand, Connie and Holm were guests at Rüdi's »POGORADIO or should the visit now be viewed as a cooking duel? Cool show, in which we had to reveal more than we would have liked :-).

Well, now probably the most important question of all for some. When is the RUNNING ORDER? Wait two or three days and it will be online. More information follow, keep checking back...

P.S.: event tip for all those who live in the region:

The Mazze invites you on July 9th back to »CWH GROSSENHAIN. There is of course a cool punk rock mix with the Italian speed rock grenade »ANTARES! Like the "Fist on the eye" or rather like "the ass on the bucket" go well with the »VOLT GHOSTS made from Rosswein! »DIE PIPES from Dresden have great 77 sound in their repertoire. WARSYSTEM play a little rough HC and the soloist CRAIC AND ROLL has just joined the band, letting the evening fade away with his acoustic guitar and a couple of nice cover songs. Of course there is canned sound until dawn, sounds very promising, let's go!


With the BACK TO FUTURE 2011 we set the stage for 28 bands from 11 nations! As you know us, we don't just look for the big names. We also let bands gamble, which we think are just great and suitable for our festival. Surely there are a few here and there that you haven't heard much of. To give you an idea of ​​this, our BAND DESCRIPTIONS are below »LINE UP online. Links to websites and videos included. Have fun researching. The replacement for ZERO BOYS is still being sought and we are confident that we will find a comparable band.


Good Alex has again invited a number of well-known bands to Pentecost (June 11-12): JELLO BIAFRA And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine, DWARVES, THE DAMNED, THE ADICTS, MISFITS, RAZZIA, TROOPERS, BONE FACTORY, THE CASHIERS and many, many more.

We are on! Don't miss the festival at the airfield in Hünxe. You can find info »HERE

A few weeks after the BTF, there's a not-so-everyday show at the Roßwein youth center. For 03.09. we have put together a package, that has it all. THE GENERATORS (US), THE FREEZE (US), NOTHINGTON (US) and VOLT GHOSTS (RecordRelease-Party) are already there, let's see what else is added.


The days come the band descriptions on the site! You certainly didn't miss the fact that two great acts were added: SARAH BLACKWOOD (CAN) and THE FIALKY (CZ).

Unfortunately, we also got less good news. The ZERO BOYS are postponing their tour. Here's singer Paul Mahern: "Unfortunately, I have a new job and am unable to leave at this time to tour." That's more than annoying, because many were already looking forward to this band... but as Steve Aktiv said aptly "The punker has to go to work too!" Of course, let's take a look at what's an alternative.


The good Mazze, who is responsible for the design of this homepage and several flyers, invites you to the Conny-Wessmann-Haus in Grossenhain on Thursday! "Rotterdamned Punk Attack!" will be the motto, because KEZUS KRIJST has a concentrated load of old UK punk on the boards, which gets rounded off particularly well by rude HC! The rock'n'roll chicks from DRUGSMOKKEL are there, and their sound should wake up even the most tired dancers, because it's from bands like MOTÖRHEAD, GUNS'N'ROSES, AC/DC, GIRLSCHOOL, ... decisively influenced! The third band of the evening joined at short notice and is not from Rotterdam. BLU82-B come from Decin, CZ and play melodic HC punk, which offers real fireworks with fast-paced trash interludes!

The starting shot is punctually at 7 p.m.! Competitors who are less enthusiastic about work can look forward to the after-show party with bands and crew!


At our concert marathon, THEE WYLDE OSCARS can be seen tomorrow in the Chemnitz subway, on Fridays - finally Kombi Nünchritz again - with ABRASIVE WHEELS (UK), UNITED SHIT, REVOLTING RIVAL and on Saturday RUMMELSNUFF and RUNAWAY BRIDES will be playing at Holzwurm Riesa for the pub night!