Unfortunately, the HACKEPETERS are taking a break and cannot play tomorrow. For this UNITED SHIT will support the TOWERBLOCKS! You can listen to a new song from the Berliners on their website that has not yet appeared on any record!


On 11/27 the TOWERBLOCKS are guest at the Riesa youth center! The guys around the jack-of-all-trades Stephan are well on their way to conquer the punk rock Olympus. With the release of their new LP "The Good, the Bad & the Punks" there was a huge media hype around the Berliners as well as an infinite number of concerts all over Europe, Moscow - Riesa - Milan!

Support comes from RDL again - this time no shoes are made, but Peter hacked! The realists from HACKEPETERS make exactly the sound that this event needs, because in addition to the official concert, our helpers from this year's BACK TO FUTURE are invited to the thank-you party.

The admission price this time is 5 euros.


Whoever stormed the stage at this year's FREAK`N`ART-Festival with the encore "FILMRISS" from KNOCHENFABRIK and thought he was a legendary contemporary witness of the last live song, was once again screwed by this band in a great style.

This time, however, the announcement of their four-day very last farewell tour across Germany is no fooling around ... until then at home PUNK IM POTT they say: "... as long as we can still crawl ..." and die !!!

Whoever has to experience THE German punk legend of the 90s live again ... wants ... has to do it on October 30th. Another opportunity in the "Offenes Jugendhaus Riesa", Bahnhofstr. 44.

We are very excited about THE band that revolutionized the term "DEUTSCH-PUNK" at the time, not only with their indescribable lyrics.

The support bands with THE SHOEMAKERS and OVERDOSE NOTHING are correspondingly high quality!

Advance sales tickets are available from OUR PAGE or directly from HOLZWURM RIESA and KOMBI NÜNCHRIITZ. Further information via the following email address:


KOMBI IN NÜNCHRITZ is celebrating its 16th birthday on the weekend and has invited all kinds of musical delicacies!

Tomorrow FARMERS BOULEVARD, BxCxMx, RUN TIME ERROR and the local Iphigenie will start with their last show and HUMAN WASTE.

On Saturdays we look forward to the finest punk rock from PASCOW, KAPUT KRAUTS, BOCKWURSCHTBUDE and Resaviert - starting at 6 p.m.!


On September 25th make the great AL & THE BLACK CATS on their current tour stop in the Open Youth House Riesa. At their only show in Saxony, the Rock`n`Roll kids from Michigan will shake the OJH with their extraordinary, energetic live show. Anyone who has ever been able to experience them live knows what I'm talking about ... if you haven't, you shouldn't miss the 3 boys in any case.

They are supported by the punk`n`roll ladies (with male support) THE VENUSSHELLS from Dresden and the Berlin blues / punk / swing formation DIVING FOR SUNKEN TREASURE .

On September 26th. are then LOUSY, STRONGBOW, DUFFERPIT and CRACKPOT IDEA on the boards of the OJH Riesa. For both events we offer a combination ticket for € 10, this is in the OJH, in the Nünchritzer KOMBI or in the Riesaer LEO pub until September 24th. available.


At short notice, BRAT PACK have been added for tomorrow! The Dutch come from the environment of Antidote, Gewapend Beton, Citizens Patrol, ... and will do the opener ON TIME at 8 p.m.!

Admission again at 7 p.m.!


The last cigarette butts have been picked up and we are finally sleeping in beds at home again! What should you write as a conclusion?

We are proud of our voluntary helpers and once again admire their commitment right up to the last minute. Without YOU this smooth process would have been inconceivable.

Thanks to all visitors who were not impressed by the state-imposed severe weather warnings and thus became part of a cool party. It is noteworthy that the majority of the visitors came from a great distance, respect!

Photos will be on the site shortly, just look at them again.


A call to the nearer region, let you know on July 31st. don't miss the ingenious CHANNEL3 . A legendary Californian punk band, for the first time in Germany and this is the only, so to speak exclusive, Eastern show! Definitely a must for fans of ADOLESCENTS, D.I., (early) SOCIAL DISTORTION, AGENT ORANGE, (early) T.S.O.L., CIRCLE JERKS etc.! > (more info & sound samples)

Presale tickets (€ 7!) Are available by bank transfer until July 28th. Via or until July 30th. in the KOMBI Nänchritz, afterwards € 10 at the box office. The line up is completed by the party helpers G.G. ELVIS (California), OUT ON A LIMB, R.K. $. and REVOLTING RIVAL .

... and it can also rain, the event is INDOOR!


With a lot of sweat and sunburn throughout - everything is ready.

Admission will be from 7 p.m. today!


Last year at Melt, this year at BACK-TO-FUTURE! Roger Baptist alias RUMMELSNUFF, known from radio and television, is an annual visitor to our festival and, after projects such as Friends of Italian Opera, is considered a veteran of GDR punk!

Upon request, we have invited RUMMELSNUFF at short notice - rough electricity music and electro-punk street hits!